7 Reasons to Choose Drupal Over Other CMS

7 Reasons to Choose Drupal Over Other CMS

7 Reasons to Choose Drupal Over Other CMS

Jun 13, 2021, 6:04:45 PM Tech and Science

If you have an online business, you must’ve known how important it is to have website visibility. A website helps users find your business online, boosting brand recognition and increasing the customer base.

It is when a content management system (CMS) comes in!

A content management system is a system that manages all the website content, and it also helps in brand building. Multiple CMS in the market often leaves marketers in a dilemma of which content management system is best suited for them.

That said, Drupal is trending among several marketers, and according to a survey, almost 600,000 live websites are using Drupal in 2021. And to fit in the competition, many traders hire a renowned eCommerce development company to have exponential business growth.

In this blog, we have briefly discussed several reasons to choose Drupal, but before that, let's have a quick discussion about what Drupal is.

What Is Drupal?

Drupal is one of the open-source content management systems used by eCommerce business owners to build excellent websites for their organization. Drupal is a free, highly flexible, and secure platform giving store owners several reasons to choose Drupal.

Since Drupal is free, allowing developers to modify or prolong the platform as per the company’s requirements. It has unlimited content types for marketers, like media and text content.

Drupal includes object-oriented programming models, YAML norms, HTML5, and PHP best methods. Marketers can perform any task comfortably because Drupal offers easy-to-adopt tools.

Several marketers hire a Drupal web development company to develop an engaging website. Why choose Drupal over any other CMS is our next concern.

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Drupal Over Other CMS in 2021

Highly Customizable

Why should you choose Drupal? Because it is highly customizable.

Yes! One of the most considered benefits of choosing Drupal that motivates the marketers is its customization feature. It is highly customizable with the support of many designers to an extensive module library.

Drupal has multiple in-built features such as calendar plugins, photo editing effects, Google Analytics, social media presence, and many more that let users make the changes right away. It combines the web application and mixture using third-party APIs. Drupal is one of the most preferred choices for government organizations and larger enterprises.

Excellent User Experience

Drupal provides an excellent user experience that ultimately boosts the user's interest in your website and maximizes business growth. 

The recent update in Drupal focuses on providing an excellent user experience and added unique features, such as a cleaner code base, new variants of symphony and twig, headless CMS, etc.

With several add-ons, Drupal has an administrative theme that makes site management, configuration, and production network easy. Drupal has even introduced new mobile-friendly themes and mobile management for a better user experience.

Improved Performance

Improved performance is one of the principal advantages of choosing Drupal, where websites load instantly and leaves an excellent impression on users.

Drupal is technically more advanced than other CMS that eventually improves its performance. Drupal 9 is the latest version incorporated with unique features such as it has a cleaner code base, backward compatibility, and performs quickly.


Why choose Drupal over any other CMS?

Well, if you want to increase your website traffic organically, your website has to be SEO-friendly, and Drupal is power-packed with SEO features. It allows eCommerce marketers to supervise the web page elements with the help of existing SEO automated tools. 

Drupal has an in-built system called taxonomy that organizes the content in a very structured manner. With the help of several modules, Drupal assures website optimization.

Configuration Management

Drupal has powerful configuration management that offers an effective development workflow using tools like Git and Drush.

One of the benefits of choosing Drupal that governmental authorities look up to is easy configuration management. It enables government officials to post new web pages or any latest update effortlessly.

Moreover, configuration management is time-saving because it is easily accessible to non-technical users. It keeps the record of particular configurations on the Drupal site.

Highly Extensible Via Modern APIs

Drupal is highly extensible via modern APIs that function well with every system. The plugin APIs enlarge Drupal, add feasibility, and establish new plugin types with the help of various modules.

The high extensibility of Drupal intensifies every single step of the customer journey and unites with it. The microservices model transforms the architecture with the help of different tools that result in the improved experiences of customers, developers, and admins.

Drupal's new version has a translation API allowing website owners to change the language as per the audience's location.

Enhanced Security

Security is the utmost concern of every website owner, and s/he cannot risk the data breach and hacking. And, talking about security, Drupal is one of the most secure CMS that reduces the risk of malicious activity or cyber-attack.

Drupal offers large-scale security reports daily as it is an open-source community. It has a community of professionals who fix security issues regularly. It gives highly robust and secure abilities and makes the website risk-free with the help of regular security updates.

Final Thought

Why should you choose Drupal?

We have mentioned enough advantages of choosing Drupal. It is one of the best content management systems for successful business growth.

Drupal has all the advanced features that fit well for any business growth, from highly customizable to improved performance and SEO-friendly.

Drupal is indeed a life-saver for business owners in today’s competitive market.

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