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Jonathan Richard Cring posts three blogs every single morning. He has recently celebrated his three-thousandth (8.21 years) posting on Jonathots Daily Blog ( He is also the author of thirteen books and twelve screenplays. He has traveled for forty years to churches, colleges, schools and organizations, sharing a blending of humor, spiritual insight and a delightful piece of heart, attempting to inspire his audiences to do something they rarely pursue on their own, but are always glad when it happens--to THINK. He pens a second daily blog under the pseudonym of JR Practix entitled Words from Dic(tionary)--an essay a day on every word in the dictionary—in dictionary order ( Mr. Cring's third daily blog is simply entitled Jonathots, Jr. ( thoughtful way to start your day in a single sentence or two. He has been dubbed a delightful merging of Mark Twain and the Apostle Paul.

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