Line-up for 2017… January 7th, 2017 Jonathots Daily Blog (3180)

Line-up for 2017… January 7th, 2017 Jonathots Daily Blog (3180)

Looking ahead to the coming year, I wanted to make sure that I shared things in my blog that were informative without being preachy. I will on occasion give you a snapshot into my own life, but not to the point that you grow bored with intricate details. So I put some thought into the line-up below and hope you will find it absolutely refreshing, brief, humorous and enriching. On March 24th, I will reach my nine-year anniversary of Jonathots Daily Blog. Thank you for coming along Thank you for having the passion to care about the journey with humanity enough to find ways to relate and do things better.


Reverend Meningsbee — an ongoing series, one chapter a week. (When Reverend Meningsbee ends, a new novel will begin)


Good News and Better News — a magnification of the power of good news in a world battered by bad news


Cracked 5 — twisted, pretzel-logic humor, contemporary to the times and tickling to the innards


PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant — poetry, humor, drama, wit and wisdom, written with tender understanding


Dudley — the world seen through the eyes of our anti-hero, Dudley, in a comic strip format


G-Poppers — knitting together the thinking of three generations to create a common ground


Jesonian — the heart of Jesus for the thinking of today

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