Words From Dic(tionary) Cactus

Words From Dic(tionary) Cactus

Jun 7, 2017, 2:10:32 PM Entertainment

Cactus: (n) a spiny plant native to the New World

Draw a cactus.

If you’ve ever actually seen a cactus, you could take a piece of paper and draw almost anything, and it could be a cactus.

They don’t really have a typical shape, but kindly imitate the human race in being all sizes, not to mention configurations: one arm, two arms, little arms, big arms, stubby arm, tall arm, two stubby arms, and sometimes even multiple legs going into the ground.

They are absolutely gorgeous because they have so little competition for beauty. In the desert the standard for attractiveness is low. There is sand as far as the eye can see, and then the cactus–which juts on the horizon, offering visual diversion.

Rumor has it they have even been used to grant moisture to traveling souls who found themselves destitute of a cool drink. I don’t know the true story on that, but will pass along the Western fable without fear.

I like the cactus. I like the fact that when they get together they become cacti. Distinction after distinction for these tall ladies and gentlement.

(I guess there’s a female cactus. Why would I feel that way? Ah…I know. They’re prickly.)


Published by Jonathan Cring

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