Make Sure Your Thermal Paper is BPA-Free

Until recently, BPA (Bisphenol A) was commonly used both in the production of industrial plastics as well as both thermal and carbonless copy paper as a color enhancer. It had long been assumed that the chemical was considered safe for human use and even in some cases for human consumption as certain cans and sealants used on food had the potential for leaching into edible substances. However, recent studies have revealed that BPA can act in many cases as a hormone binder, and can even have psychological and effects. Because of this, the use of BPA is slowly being curtailed worldwide, but still remains common in use with thermal paper.

So what's the problem with BPA, and why are thermal paper manufacturers abandoning it and producing BPA-Free alternatives? There are quite a few, which is why Multi-Tact recommends switching to BPA-Free thermal paper for all your printing purposes.

Health Effects of BPA

BPA has already been linked to a number of disorders including some related to obesity and attention deficit disorder. As problematic as this can be at the point of sale, for wet or damp fingers the absorption rate is far, far worse: BPA absorption with moist fingers can be up to 10 times higher. BPA has also been shown to affect the reproductive systems of mammals exposed to the chemical. Not surprisingly, then, BPA has been shown in some studies to affect pregnant women as well. Consequently, it is important to remember that if you have employees at POS workstations constantly out-putting BPA-covered thermal paper, there is a good possibility, particularly in high-stress areas, that they are being needlessly exposed to an industrial chemical which will have an effect on their nervous system.

If you're using thermal paper for your POS system or other system, make sure that your thermal paper is BPA-Free! Your safety and your workplace's safety depend on you. Make the difference and switch.

What You Can Do To Avoid BPA

If you use a large amount of thermal paper, it's a good idea to make sure to ask for BPA-Free thermal paper for your health and that of your employees. While your average salesperson in those big-box stores like Staples may not know the difference between BPA-Free thermal paper and thermal paper with BPA, local industry experts are ready to help you make the switch to better quality, safer paper for your company .

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