I had my phone with me..but a stranger answered

I had my phone with me..but a stranger answered



Due to the heavy traffic and abundant passengers, waiting for a ride going home during rush hour is sickening. Hence, I prefer to share a ride with my workmates (carpool). It is also most likely to be faster, cheaper, and less crowded than public transportation.

This kind of sharing ride typically normal in our work considering that we live and/or work near each other and have a similar work schedule.

However, two days ago I  have to wait at 5:12 P.M before I logged out in our bundy clock. I already told my colleague that I will share a ride with them.

While they are waiting for me, another colleague of mine tried to call me at 5:10PM to confirm if I will go with them. She said that someone in the other line (the same voice as mine though quite blurry and not clear) said that I will not be able to join them because I feel embarrassed knowing that the driver will wait for me (so she thought that the girl talking on the other line is me!!) so she immediately relayed it to the driver.

In their shock, the Driver got a text from me at 5:10 PM confirming that I will share a ride with them. The text was sent the same time  when my colleague called me and apparently talked to me. Due to the confusion, the Driver initiated to call me and of course I confirmed that I will certainly join them.

When I got to the car around 5:12 PM, they were laughing about the decision I (allegedly) made. I explained to them that first, I did not take any phone calls during that time because I am in the comfort room in the Ground floor where there is no signal. Second is that, how I will be able to text the Driver if I am took the phone call. Third, my colleague’s phone number (who talk to the lady on the other line) did not appear in my Call logs.

When we checked the number they dialed, it is absolutely my number with Globe Telecommunication.

So yes, I had my phone with me but a stranger answered. How can that possibly be?

Weird isn’t it? Does it ever happen to you before?

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