Are you UP for the #MensHealth #300Pushups #Challenge ?

Are you UP for the #MensHealth #300Pushups #Challenge ?

Personal Trainer, Fitness online Influencer and Sports Scientist, Marc Dressen teams up with Men's Health Magazine to help you kick start your summer fitness regime with an intense challenge, involving 300 push-ups per day for seven days...

It is not unheard of that fitness regimes include 20, 50, maybe even 100 push-ups per daily session, but how feasible is it to do 300 push-ups, every day for a whole week?

We asked personal trainer and sports scientist Marc Dressen why he decided to kick-start the summer with such an intense week of training, 'It is good to start with intention, and doing an intense workout that offers variations, but strict regime can really help you to set goals and achieve them too.’

Whilst it may seem inconceivable to do 300 push-ups over the course of seven days, let alone 300 per day, Marc does offer variations, including easier and harder options. He also stresses in the videos the importance of doing the 300 push-ups all in one go, but to take a rest if you need to, ‘It is more important that you do the exercises safely, with accurate form, rather than doing them really fast... you will be surprised how you improve over the course of the challenge, and you never know you may do 400 a day next week...’

Marc is known for his nutritional advice, as well as his fitness, having been on various shows for both subjects, he says ‘if people are committed with this challenge, as well as eat healthily and sensibly then they should see clear results... and this will be enough to encourage them to continue with the fitness. I am pretty certain that athletes and sports people will love this challenge.'

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