How can people Fast safely?

How can people Fast safely?

Fasting is a subject that causes a huge amount of debate? Whether it is done for religious reasons, health reasons or weight loss reasons; there never seems to be enough neutral sound advice on the subject does there?

The first thing to note is that fasting is something that has been practised for years, in various religions, cultures and some tribal traditions. And with much abundance and overload of food products in our modern society, it can appear to be such an extreme way to eat, or more accurately put, to ‘not eat’... but there are benefits to us having a break from the constant input of stuff in our bodies.

As a personal trainer, one of the subjects I am constantly studying is that of nutrition, and a book called ‘the fast diet’ written by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer, is well worth a read. It shares a fasting diet of how you eat normally five days a week and then fast for two days – obviously there is more to it than just this; there are case-studies and success stories, tips on how to follow the diet effectively, and also scientific evidence – something I have always gravitated to since studying sports science at university. What is great about the couple who wrote this book, is that they are journalists and so they try out the diet and get the evidence themselves in a balanced and non-biased way... This is a really thorough read, especially if you are either new to fasting or a sceptic about what fasting really means.

This system is not the only way to fast, and it may seem scary to know what is right for you. The main thing to remember when embarking on any new diet or fitness regime, is to consider your lifestyle and your individual needs, and also check with your doctor if you are suffering from any condition or injury.

The other very important aspect to remember is that as humans we can live for a week or more on average without food, but only for a couple of days without water, so it is not likely that you are going to wither away forever after fasting. In a recent BBC documentary fronted by Louis Theroux, a 101-year old man, who still enjoys jogging in the park insists that the secret behind his long life is fasting. Maybe a lesson to learn from all of this is not to live to eat or even eat to live, but to eat in moderation, and maybe try fasting in a way that suits you and your lifestyle:

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