5 TV Shows that were Cancelled too Soon

5 TV Shows that were Cancelled too Soon

Jun 22, 2016, 7:37:36 PM Entertainment

It seems like new tv shows pop up on every tv channel, every day. There are so many choices of new shows to watch, but what about those shows which were taken from us too soon? RIP. I've come up with a list 5 TV shows that were cancelled too soon, because if we don't learn from the past we're doomed to repeat it.

"Arrested Development"

This show was the genius ultimate portrayal of a supremely dysfunctional family. Every single member of this family is their own distinct brand of crazy, and we loved them all. “Arrested Development” was built on the backwards concept of a family going from ‘riches to rags’ after the global financial crisis, a theme which struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Unfortunately, despite its critical acclaim, awards, and dedicated cult following the show was cancelled by Fox during its third season. Although Netflix brought it back for a third season, for many it just wasn’t the same. We had to say goodbye to the spoiled, manipulative, hilarious Bluth family we all know and love.

"Freaks and Geeks"

“Freaks and Geeks” was an American teen comedy-drama set during the 1980-1981 school year in a fictional suburb of Detroit (a fact which made me, a Michigander, pretty stoked). It follows two siblings: Lindsay Weir, a former star student and ‘mathlete’ who befriends a group of burnouts known as “the freaks” and her younger brother Sam, a scrawny, socially awkward freshman who along with his two friends constitute “the geeks”. Lindsay’s new persona as a rebellious teen who questions the point of good grades causes friction between her and her parents, while Sam just tries to find his place in the high school social hierarchy. While 18 episodes were completed, only 12 aired before NBC called it quits. Despite its cult following, and fan-led campaigns to have more episodes aired, the show disappeared from tv networks.

"The OC"

“The OC” was the perfect teen drama. Set in Orange County, California the series centers on the life of Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from a broken home and bad neighborhood who gets taken in by the wealthy Cohen family. Ryan quickly becomes friends with the son of his guardians, Seth, who is a socially awkward but quick witted teen. Together they deal with navigating life as the outsiders, and their relationships with the top-of-the-food-chain girl next door and her best friend. Filled with all sorts of scandals (seriously, this show had it all: lying, cheating, drugs, alcohol, fraud, hidden sexualities, etc.), and a healthy dose of humor, thanks in large part to Seth Cohen, “The OC” was referred to as a “pop culture phenomenon”. However, as the show continued on, ratings dropped and the show was cancelled, even after a 700,000 signature online petition.

"Veronica Mars"

This show introduced me to the wonder that is Kristen Bell. It chronicled the life of Veronica Mars (duh), a high school student who does private detective work on the side while also being mentored by her private investigator father. The first two seasons followed the same format; mini mysteries which were solved within the time frame of the episode, and an overarching major mystery which is finally resolved in the finale. This format worked well with the show and kept the fan based engaged and entertained. However, the format changed in the third season, as well as the network. Which of these changes caused it’s cancellation remains a mystery, but all fans have deduced that the show ended way too soon. Through Kristen Bell and director Rob Thomas’ Kickstarter campaign, enough money was raised to fund a movie, which was released in 2014.

"Pushing Daises"

“Pushing Daises”, a show about Ned, a pie maker who discovers his ability to bring anything back to life simply by touching it, (with the caveat that if he touched it again, it would return to its original dead state) was cancelled after just two seasons despite having a devoted fanbase and 7 Emmys. The show included several genres including romance, mystery, crime and drama. It also had a refreshing, creative romantic twist between the two main characters. Because Ned had brought his romantic partner back to life, he wasn’t allowed to touch her again, lest she return to the dead. Sadly, its versatility and plot twists weren’t enough to keep it on air. in 2015 it won Esquire’s "TV Reboot Tournament" that asked fans to vote for the show they would most like to see return to television.

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