Do What Ya Gotta Do

This morning when my alarm went off at 4 am I realized that there was no way in hell I could get myself out of bed and not have a shitty day at work. So I decided to get a couple extra hours of sleep and work from home. I’m very fortunate to have a job that allows me to do that, and a chill boss who seems to like me. After 3 glorious extra hours of sleep, I naturally woke up and was ready to face the day. It got me thinking; you gotta do what ya gotta do.

It’s not always easy, or even an option, but in any circumstance where you can…do whatever it is you have to in order to feel your best. This goes for every single thing in your life. If you’re like me, you hate exercising but you know it’s a necessary evil. Some days, in order for me to get on that Max Trainer, I know that I have to look and feel cute, sassy, and maybe just a bit badass. In order to accomplish that I make sure my workout clothes make feel comfortable and cute. I buy complete ‘outfits’ (leggings, sports bra, and tank) in bright colors and fun patterns. I make sure my chosen tennis shoe that day matches. I actually go through the effort of applying a full face of makeup. I don’t care that I’m just going to get all sweaty. I know that I’m going to be looking fine. Sweaty, but fine.

Music is another important aspect for my workout motivation. If I’m not diggin' the tunes, I’m way less likely to work as hard or as long. So I take the time to curate workout playlists. I have ones that make me want to dance, ones that are vaguely angry sounding, ones that are all 90’s throwbacks. 80’s jams. Orchestral. Whatever I’m feeling that day, I listen to. I know it seems weird to listen to the score from Cloud Atlas while running on the treadmill, but hey, it works for me.

Some of you may have read this and now think I’m completely ridiculous. And maybe I am. But I’m doing what I gotta do and I’m getting my workouts done.


Here's what I typically look like when I've done a full face of makeup:

And here are the products I use(d):
Foundation – Bare Minerals Bareskin (Bare Porcelain 01)
Contour & highlight – Smashbox #Shapematters Palette (Contour, Highlight & Glow)
Eyebrows – Smashbox #Shapematters Palette (Soft Brown)
Eyeshadow – Smashbox #Shapematters Palette in (Posh, shimmery golden rose)
Eyeliner – Urban Decay (Perversion)
Mascara – Too Faced (Better Than Sex)
Lipstick – Tom Ford (Louis)



Author's Note: Article originally posted on on 5/31/2016

Published by Jordan Trantham


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