The London Look: How my Vacation gave me the Courage to Finally be Myself

The London Look: How my Vacation gave me the Courage to Finally be Myself

Last June/July I went on my dream vacation - 10 glorious days in London, England. It was literally everything I always thought it would be and then some. However, in the few weeks leading up to my trip I was digging through my closet, and ordering things online, and spending way too much at any store I walked into, because I had to look good while I was there. I had to blend in and feel like I belonged, after all…I want to live there one day.

Packing was a giant stressful mess, but I managed to get everything into one suitcase with 10 pounds to spare *takes a bow*. The 8 hour plane ride there gave me ample time to picture all of the clothes I packed and put outfits together in my head. I was still agonizing over looking Just Right until our £80 taxi ride (Welcome to London!) to the hotel. I spent the hour stuck in traffic with my forehead pressed against the window taking in the beautiful sights of London. The architecture; a stunning juxtaposition of old and new. The nature; tree lined streets, overflowing flower boxes, and lush gardens filled with Londoners basking in the sunshine. And of course, the people.

The beautiful people of London going about their daily lives: popping into shops, walking to work, grabbing coffee and tea with friends. I couldn’t look away. I drank in everything about them. Mannerisms, hairstyles, shoe choices, accessories, make-up, tops, jeans, etc etc etc. My first impression of their style was “anything goes”, and after spending a decent amount of time wandering about the city, I’ve adopted it as my own little Getting Dressed Motto.

London truly embraces the idea of “wearing what feels good”, a concept with which I’ve always struggled. But as I continued to immerse myself in London life, I noticed my clothing choices changing. I was getting braver, more confident. It really sunk in when I spent way too much time and money shopping on Oxford Street. I went into shops I never would have previously. I tried on things I normally would have stared at longingly before regrettably walking away, and you know what? I looked good. Actually fuck it, I looked GREAT. But more importantly, I FELT great. I began to get the feeling that I was finally being me. I’m usually pretty rubbish at expressing myself in anyway creative way, but I’ve found that expressing yourself via clothing is pretty easy. Just wear what you like, what makes you feel good, and fuck everything else. It’s one of the most liberating feelings I’ve known (right next to chopping off my hair, and getting tattoos). I clung onto this feeling and brought it back to the States with me. Now I’m killing the game these people don’t even know they’re playing…and I feel like a goddamn badass. You don’t even have to go all the way to London for this eureka moment (although I HIGHLY suggest you do if you have the means).

The truth is, there is no “London Look” (Sorry, Rimmel).  There is only a conglomeration of each person’s individual style and personality blending to give the city its unique diverse beauty. I am #blessed to have been a part of it, and I am hellbent on being a part of it again someday.


Here are some (okay, a bunch) of my favorite 'London Looks' that I put together while in London and also back home:


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