Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Oct 31, 2016, 2:16:36 PM Creative

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I’m trying this new thing where I don’t wear make up. 

I’ve done this before for a short period, but it didn’t last long. My oldest sister a few weeks ago said to me, “Why don’t you just go a week naked-faced.” I told her “no,” because as sad as it is true, make up has kind of become a security blanket for me. As said before in one of my older blogs, I wasn’t allowed to start wearing make up until my Senior Prom. Even after that I wasn’t doing my make up the way that I do now. Every day when I do my make up I prime my face, I do my eyebrows, I put on foundation, I put concealer under my eyes, I contour my face a little, and I put on mascara. I have also stated in one of my old blogs, that I have acne. I wear make up not exactly to hide my acne, but at the very least to cover the redness. 

So my boyfriend and I were having a conversation last week and he said to me, “What if you just don’t wear any make up for a few days. Do you think you could do it?” I told him, “No because I don’t like the way my face looks. I feel like when I don’t have on make up people are looking at my acne.” I can’t be the only person with acne who feels this way. 

All my life, my mom and the rest of my family have always told me and my siblings that we’re beautiful. My mom specifically instilled that in us because she never wanted us to feel like we were any less than beautiful. She always told us we were “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalms 139:14). So it’s not that I don’t think I’m beautiful, I know I am and I can say that confidently. But at the same time, I don’t like my acne and since I don’t like it and there’s a way to mask it, that’s what I do. 

Fast-forward to now, I didn’t wear any make up to work a couple days last week. I had a business event to attend on Saturday and I wore make up for that because, it was a business event and I used that as an excuse to wear make up lol. Baby steps. I told my mom that I wasn’t going to be wearing make up like that anymore, and she said, “Is that hard for you?” I responded, “Yes, because I wear it everyday.” I remember asking Kevin when we first started dating if he liked when women wore make up, or if he preferred no make up. He told me it didn’t really matter to him. I’m starting to think that with me, he prefers no make up. He tells me all the time that he thinks I’m beautiful without it, and he doesn’t like how I feel like I need to have it on to go out. So I’m going to let my face breathe for a while, make up free.

I titled this blog post, “Love Yourself,” because if you don’t love yourself then how in the world can you expect someone else to love you. Beauty starts from within in my opinion, and then it radiates outward. Even if you don’t think someone is physically attractive, but they have a beautiful soul, then they become more attractive to you. It’s not all about the looks, because you can be a 10 on the outside and be rotten on the inside. Then it won’t even matter how attractive you are because no one is going to want to be with someone who’s ugly inside. On another note, it’s okay to not like some of your flaws. Just don’t let a few flaws decide how you feel about yourself overall. Me personally, I love myself because there’s no one else like me. 


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Jan 2, 2017, 8:12:18 PM

I like how you bared your soul--in other words shared your vulnerability. Thank you for having the courage to share.

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