The Best Places to Experience Nightlife in London

The Best Places to Experience Nightlife in London

Feb 3, 2022, 7:42:58 AM Life and Styles

London is one of the biggest and most popular cities in the world. And one of the side effects of this city is that it is full of people who are always looking for something to do. And that's just for Londoners. There are also many people who come to London from other cities or even from other countries to experience something. In London, as in any big city, there is a lot to do and see. And like any big city, London specialises in one thing: Parties. 

In London, there are parties at any time of the day. London bars and clubs are also an exciting experience. London nightlife is easy to navigate for those in the know. And this blog is written for those who don't know their way around. 

We also offer cabs from St Albans to London to pick you up and take you to these parties. But now back to the blog and the most exciting clubs in London:

Studio Corsica

For fans of classic rock and pop music, Corsica Studio is a must. It is located in South London and is considered a cool place. Corsica Studio has two rooms. One is the bar and the other is a music room. Corsica Studio is a place where it is bubbling all night long. Dubstep music is often heard, often from people looking for a strong and exciting music experience. The venue is very popular and has even won awards for the quality of entertainment it offers. It is mainly attended by young adults and university students. If you belong to this target group, you don't have to worry about inflated cab prices in St Albans, because our prices are quite reasonable.

Egg London

Egg London is one of those places that demand style. The place itself is elegant and sophisticated. It is an open air place where you can do anything. Relax with friends or drink to your heart's content, sing and dance as much as you want. So grab your friends, get dressed up and enjoy a night out at Egg London. For the night owls, this place also serves breakfast at sunrise.

Electric Brixton

If ever there was a million-dollar eatery, Electric Brixton is it. A lot has been invested in its current opening, and it shows. The venue itself is equipped with the latest and greatest sound system. The music here is very loud. That's a big draw for those looking for a concert-like experience. There is also a cafeteria to experience. 


In the world of clubs and discos, KOKO is a jack of all trades. First and foremost, it is a music club where live music and DJ parties are scheduled in advance throughout the year. For those who want to relive the time and atmosphere of the 80s, there is also a disco. Whatever music you can think of, KOKO has probably played it or will play it. The perfect retreat for music lovers and fans, in other words.

Preventive measures for cab passengers

Although we are almost free to go about our business and perform various tasks, we still need to take care of our health and well-being. We need to continue to take precautions and keep up to date with all information regarding the pandemic threat. Especially if you are travelling by cab, you should take all precautions. Suppose you hire a cab from St Albans to London Heathrow, you should wear a mask, use antibacterial liquid and choose a cab with a driver who also covers his face.

In this blog you will find some useful recommendations for London cab services to protect your own and your family's health.


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