2016-2017 NBA Predictions

2016-2017 NBA Predictions

Oct 25, 2016, 8:04:47 PM Sport

The 2016/17 NBA season is finally upon us. What could possibly be a better way to kick off the new season than with some bold, not-so-bold, and in all likelihood completely inaccurate NBA predictions? Let's get started.

The Warriors will lose 2 out of their first 5 games.

Look, the Warriors are a fantastic team. They have enough talent to split the team three ways and have all three teams make the playoffs, but does that mean that they are immune to rocky starts? I think not. This new team is going to take time to gel in 2016. Bonus Prediction inside a prediction: The Warriors will lose to the Oklahoma City Thunder in primetime on November 3, 2016.

Kris Dunn steals the starting job from Ricky Rubio.

Kris Dunn is a freak of nature; I've written about him before and hopefully I will again. I believe him to be a huge part of the NBA's future, so, I don't think that it's too outlandish to have this as one of my top predictions for the new season. Kris Dunn will take the starting point guard spot from Ricky Rubio. Kris Dunn, Andrew Wiggins, and Karl-Anthony-Towns? Yes please.

Stanley Johnson and Devin Booker emerge as the top two of the NBA's best.

Both players coming into their sophomore NBA seasons, Stanley Johnson and Devin Booker will most certainly be looking to build off of fantastic 2015/16 campaigns. Johnson, an extremely physical wing, will have a great opportunity top be the Detroit Pistons first man off the bench. Booker, a sharpshooter from deep with a developing mid-range and post game, will be the Phoenix Sun's starting shooting guard coming into the year. Expect big things from these two.

Rodney Hood will look like the NBA's most improved player.

Hood has averaged over 12 points per game in his two year career. I expect that number to increase to nearly 20. Rodney Hood has great size for a wing player, which enables him to play both shooting guard and small forward for the Utah Jazz. The Jazz are without star Gordon Hayward for a decent amount of time to start the season; look for Hood to pick up most of the slack.

The Los Angeles Clippers will finally be usurped by younger and more talented teams from the West.

The Western Conference has finally had enough of the Clippers. Year after year LA sits anywhere from the 3rd to the 6th seed come playoff time. That all changes this season. Teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Utah Jazz, and the Phoenix Suns will be exponentially more competitive this year, making the Clippers' road back to a middle seed in the West just that much harder.


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