Best Places to Buy Cannabis Seeds

Buy Cannabis Seeds

Best Places to Buy Cannabis Seeds

Nov 3, 2018, 3:07:25 AM Opinion

Are you thinking about gardening and wondering where you will buy cannabis seeds? There are so many places where you can get the seeds. If you don't have the time to go asking for friends the seeds they stored after smoking, you can buy newer seeds that have a high germination rate as compared to old seeds.

There are different types of cannabis seeds that you can buy on the market today. The following are the most common seeds that you will find.

Regular cannabis seeds- These are seeds that can be either male or female.

Feminized cannabis seeds-The seeds are genetically altered so that they can produce only female plants. This is a benefit because only feminine cannabis plants can produce flowers. The seeds come in different categories like Amnesia haze, Afgan skunk and yellow lemon haze.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds-The seeds are from Indica or Sativa plants and are available in places where there are short summers. Top three auto-flowering seeds available include Low Rider AUTO, AK 47 AUTO and Amnesia Haze Auto.

Medical cannabis seeds-These are seeds that are specifically for medical cannabis users. Medical cannabis provides relief to different conditions like pain, hormonal complaints, sexual complaints and loss of appetite.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds

There are so many seeds from different types of cannabis. States that allow marijuana use for adults or medical purposes regulates the sale of seeds differently. In places like California, you can simply buy the seeds at local marijuana farmers or retails shops.

In some states, selling cannabis seeds is only allowed to licensed marijuana businesses and no sale of seeds to individuals. It is important to consider the laws in your state to avoid finding yourself in trouble. This is because some states do not allow the use of marijuana even for medical purposes.

Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

Yes, you can. There are so many sellers online who provide quality seeds. Most of the trustworthy distributors are from Netherlands, US and Canada. The cost of cannabis seeds vary since there is no any industry standardization. The price also varies depending on the quality.

In as much as buying cannabis seeds online and have them shipped in your country is still illegal, many sellers say the seeds are not for cultivation but for novelty purpose. Again, buying the seeds online comes with a low risk of getting into trouble.

If you are planning to do your purchase online, make sure you buy from reputable companies. Some of the best recommendations include:

  • Gage Green Seeds
  • MTG Seeds
  • Swamp Boys Seeds
  • TGA Seeds
  • DNA genetics
  • Brothers Grimm Seeds
  • Amsterdam Genetics and much more

Final Words

Finding places to buy cannabis seeds is not difficult. There are so many types of seeds that differ when it comes to price and quality. However, before you buy the seeds, it is important to make sure that buying cannabis seeds is not illegal in your country. After all, you don't want to get yourself in trouble by breaking the laws.

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