How Is Artificial Intelligence Transforming The Legal Industry?

Artificial Intelligence

How Is Artificial Intelligence Transforming The Legal Industry?

Nov 2, 2018, 8:50:26 PM Tech and Science

Whenever any professional sector faces the new technology, the questions arise about how that technology may disrupt day-to-day operations and careers of people who opt for that profession. Lawyers and legal profession are of no exception. Artificial intelligence is now beginning to transform this legal profession in a lot of ways, however in many cases it augments on what humans do & frees them to take on the higher level tasks like advising to the clients, negotiating the deals as well as appearing on court.

Legal research and Review documents

Artificial Intelligence powered software will improve efficiency of the document analysis for the legal use and the machines will review the documents and flag it relevant to the particular case. When some kind of document is indicated as relevant, then machine learning algorithms will get to find other documents, which are relevant in the same way. Machines are faster in sorting out through the documents compared to humans and will produce results and output that are statistically validated. They will help to decrease load on human workforce just by forwarding on documents, which are questionable instead requiring humans for reviewing all the documents. It is very important that the legal research will be done in the comprehensive and timely way, although it is monotonous. The AI systems like one offered by the ROSS Intelligence leverages the natural language processing in helping to analyze the documents.

Help to perform any due diligence

In the law offices across the world, the legal support experts are kept very busy conducting the due diligence for uncovering the background information for their clients. The works includes the confirming facts and completely evaluating decisions on the prior cases to efficiently provide counsel to the clients. The artificial intelligence tools will help the legal support experts to conduct the due diligence very efficiently and with accuracy as the work is quite tedious for the humans.

Contract management and review

The big part of the work law companies do for their clients is reviewing the contracts to identify any risks or issues on how contracts are actually written that can have the negative impacts for the clients. They will redline items, counsel clients and edit contracts whether they sign it or not and help them to negotiate for the better terms. The AI will help to analyze the contracts in bulk and individual contracts. There’re many software companies that made AI tools particularly for the contract review like Kira Systems, eBrevia and LawGeex that help to sort contracts faster and with lesser errors than the humans.

Predict the legal outcomes

Artificial Intelligence has an ability to analyze data that will help to make the predictions about outcomes of the legal proceedings much better than the humans. The clients often are asking the legal counsel in predicting their future with questions like “Suppose we go on to trial, how possible it is that I win?” and “Do I settle?” With use of AI, which has an access to many years of the trial data, the lawyers can better answer these questions.

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