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Indeed, Bass is one of the most desired game fish. Normally, if bass fishing comes across your mind, you might think of tail dancing, tough fighting and big fish. Sincerely speaking, bass puts up one of the toughest fights in the game. Certainly, with that, you will need to learn how to it. Luckily, this article will give you the best tips on how to catch bass.

1. Using crank bait.

Primarily, Crank bait draw bass since the lures appear like wounded and weak fish in the water. This makes the bass to strike. In order to use crank bait, you need to:

  1. Fix the lure on the line.
  2. Cast the pole out into the water close to a structure. It is good to leave the lure to slowly sink to the base.
  3. Once you sense the line settle, draw back on your rod and begin to reel in the line. As you do this, you will sense the lure dip into the water. As a result, there will some sort of resistance on the pole
  4. Again, level up the pole and don't reel your line more. Usually, this permits your lure to move up in the water.
  5. Do this again until lure gets to the surface.
  6. Finally, cast out once again and repeat the same process.

Once you sense a bass tug on the line, smoothly draw back on the pole. In case you are fishing in a still water body, use steadfast, even draws and spins with the bait. For moving waters, shift back and forth between reeling and pulling slow and fast.

1. Nab bass using spinner bait.

This is almost similar to the Crank bait. Really, the difference is that when you draw back the pole, you will not have to reel in the line. Draw it back to so that it drives in the water. Next, gently let the pole back down. Essentially, this will cause the lure to move backwards or up in the water. More it will make the blades produce noise and agitate the water about the lure.

The glowing, spinning blades on the lures draw the concentration of the bass. Accordingly, it pulls the bass to the lure since the movement irritates them.

2. Catching bass with plastic worms.

Compared to the above lures, this is quite simpler. How does the plastic worm work?

  1. First, place the worm on the line.
  2. Next, cast out the line and allow the worm to dip to the bottom.
  3. Rather than pulling the rod around try to simply reel the line back in at different speeds.
  4. Because real worms are not jittery, there is no necessity to flip the reel as you did earlier.

Using live bait.

The ideal method for live bait is to continually propel around your line. The bait you attach on your hook is lifeless or often dead. However, bass are greatly drawn to live prey. To simulate the live worm, fish, or frog, you need to steadily drive around your line. You can do that by reeling it in or lightly riding your pole backwards and forward. This way, your bait will look natural.


Catch bass is not rocket science. These tips on how to catch bass should help you succeed in your next fishing mission. The fact that bass are not picky fish should also give you the confidence you need. Try using one of these techniques next time you are out to fish. Definitely, you will come out a happy fisher.

Published by Joseph Nicholls

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