Is BenQ ZOWIE is best monitors for ps4 pro ?

best monitors for ps4 pro

Is BenQ ZOWIE is best monitors for ps4 pro ?

Nov 8, 2018, 3:16:36 AM Entertainment

We found many gamers have doubut on which best monitors for ps4 pro

Are you a game fanatic and looking for something that is purely designed to be compatible with PS4 Pro and XBox one X? Then this is the thing to go for. You will be surprised to know, every detail of BenQ ZOWIE 27 inch HD is designed to give you exclusive E-sports experience on the PS4.

The whole RL series is appreciated and used across the globe by e-sports professional players and is licensed by big name Sony Entertainment to use for PS4.

This 27 inch HD display embrace all the features you urge to have in your gaming monitor and the best thing about this monitor is its compatibility with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Its lag free technology and 1ms response time give a real-time experience. Quick response plays an important role in your overall performance; a minor delay can cost you a fortune. As compared to a regular monitor or TV, this monitor is designed to deliver every motion instantly. Every moment will be displayed in real time.

Another exceptional feature that ensures an unprecedented level of visibility and control is the black eQualizer technology that increases the visibility without over-exposing the bright parts. It helps in preserving the crucial details that enable the gamer to spot enemies hidden in darker areas to react instantly to the critical situations.

This monitor is designed in complete collaboration with professional gamers to eliminate ghosting, flickering and smearing at all possible brightness levels. Resultantly, lowers the eye fatigue and strain thus elevates the gaming performance.  Every game comes with a specific color calibration and this RL model is equipped with several configurations like RTS or FPS modes to enhance your gaming experience.

The feature that makes it stand among the crowd is the fact it has two HDMI ports. This monitor gives the flexibility to connect your console and any other HDMI device to the same monitor at a time and eliminates the need of changing connections now and then. It also has a headphone jack and DVI-D-sub.

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