Royal Aesthetic Clinic London Review

Royal Aesthetic Clinic London Review

Jan 4, 2019, 2:13:51 AM Life and Styles

I am writing this review because I was not happy with the services of Royal Aesthetic Clinic London. I went to London for education and before I left my country, I was undergoing intradermal injection so I thought it was great to continue with clinics even when I was in England.

Finding a reputable aesthetic clinic was tough because there are no aesthetic medical apps that can help you choose the right one. So I checked Red book for references and I found a few people recommending Royale Aesthetic Clinic. There were more emphases on the quality services of Dr. Chen so I decided to try his services.

I did not give a lot of thoughts because I believed intradermal injection was a simple treatment. I went ahead and added Dr. Chen on WeChat and later made an appointment with him for consultation.

When I visited the place, I found out that the clinic was just a simple and small place as compared to other aesthetic clinics that I had gone back in my country. The worst thing is that the doctor himself looked so unpleasant.

I had to check his Facebook page and I found this is exactly how Dr. Chen looks like. As an aesthetic doctor, I expected him to be decent and attractive. At least, his aesthetic suggestions would convince potential clients. I had already lost confidence in him based on his looks.

When I talked to my roommate about the issue, he said it could be I met a fake doctor. I went ahead and visited General Medical Council that is regulated by the British Government and I could not find any records about the doctor. Funny enough, his full names are not even available in Royale Aesthetic Clinic. The only information that you will find is Dr.S.T Chen, nothing else. His registration records are not even found on GM website.

I looked for more information on the website because I thought he might not be a qualified medical practitioner in England so it was hard for him to get any British medical insurance.

Performing medical treatments is illegal for him and in case anything goes bad in course of the surgery, you will bear everything on your own because no insurance company will be responsible.

According to my roomie who specializes in Bioinformatics started to examine the website of Royale Aesthetic clinic on Instagram and Facebook. She found out that most of the photos of the surgeons on the website are taken from other websites. With all this information, I did not allow Dr. Chen to give me the injection because of the fake qualifications.

I am really shocked with this experience in London and I wouldn't recommend anybody to take intradermal injection from Dr. Chen. In as much as England is strict when it comes to the medical industry, you will still find some fake doctors. If you are in London, please do not fall a victim of this fake doctor from Royal Aesthetic Clinic London.

Published by Joseph Nicholls

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