Tips to Pass a THC Test

Tips to Pass a THC Test

Dec 21, 2018, 8:36:44 PM Life and Styles

If you have a drug test creeping up, it can be beneficial to know there are ways to come up clean during these tests (even if you may think you’re not). is the best site to help you pass your drug test. It outlines what the lab technicians look out for in one's urine sample to determine the concentration of the chemical compound THC-COOH in it. Also, the site gives do’s and don’ts in trying to cheat that THC test.

Out of the many circumventions available online, only three have been proven to work, and they are dilution, urine substitution, and natural detox. Below, we look into each one of them.


This refers to diluting one's urine by drinking water to lower the concentration to below the detectable levels. What's more, this method can be used on the same day that the test is slated, meaning you can toke late into the night and take the test in the morning. However, it's more complex than just taking gallons of water to push down the concentration of THC in the urine down.

The process involves the following steps:

Determining your Lean Body Mass (LBM). This is the total weight of your body minus the fat content. It's essential since it will determine the amount of water to drink.

Drinking an electrolyte solution for three hours. For every pound of LBM, one ought to take 4 ml of an electrolyte solution to keep the pH levels of the urine in check.

After that, one can conduct a home test using THC strips to determine whether it's at acceptable levels.

To bolster the success of this method, one can throw in exercises such as jogging.

But then, the process isn't guaranteed to its users, as one may mess with creatinine levels as well as the pH which may disqualify one's sample of urine as being defective.

Urine Substitution

Urine substitution is yet another way of cheating a drug test. One may ask their ‘clean' friends for a sample of their urine which they may pass as their own. One could also buy synthetic  urine from online sources. The synthetic urine comes in a powdery form and has to be diluted and heated to the right temperature (between 32 to 38 degrees Celsius).

While this method might have worked a while ago, it's highly unlikely to work in today's world given the stringent regulations put in place by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The significant challenge for this method is getting the fake urine sample into the collection point. The DOT has put in place searches and other forms of frisking to catch cheats. The other challenge is to maintain the fake sample of urine at the required temperature.

Natural Detox

Having seen that the above methods may not necessarily guarantee success, one's sure way of turning negative in the test for THC is natural detox. In as much as a chronic stoner may find it hard to detox in this way, it’s the only sure way to pass a THC test. However, abstaining from weed for a day or two won't necessarily guarantee success. THC is a fat-soluble compound, and may take weeks or months to be entirely expelled from the body based on one's body mass and metabolic rate.

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