Tree Services Become a Popular Commercial Trend and Career

Tree Services Become a Popular Commercial Trend and Career

Dec 6, 2018, 3:28:29 PM Business

In the world of commerce there are a tonne of services that we often don’t think of. For example, if you were asked to name three services for commercial or residential properties, those of plumbers, electricians, landscape gardeners, builders, and roofers would usually spring to mind.

Very rarely do people consider the services of a tree surgeon. However, this is a professional that has began rise in the services area of many people’s home and business properties. Tree surgeons are becoming an integral addition to the services used by those looking to increase the value of their properties or simply keep their grounds looking pristine.

Imagine your business wants to rent an office. Would you rent the office in a place where the trees look like they are almost dead, overgrown, and not well looked after? Or do you think your employees would be more motivated and prouder of a place where the trees are well trimmed, have a vibrant color to them, and look well looked after.

It is similar to wanting to live in a clean house or a dirty and unorganized house. Most people would go for cleaner more organzed option simply because it motivates them better. It is all about the heart, body, mind, and spirit. The old saying goes “A clean desk means that you will have a clean mind” – the meaning of this is that by keeping your workspace tidy, you will be better motivated and more inspired.

Commercial Tree Surgeons

To put a finer point on this subject tree surgeons, who are referred to as arborists, have long been around in the commercial business sector. Large buildings, business parks, and industrial estates have long been using the services of tree surgeons to keep their properties looking spic and span.

The owner of the property can attract better rental rates if the management company shows that it is able to look after its grounds. Plus, going back to the above point, most companies want their employees to be feel motivated and more inspired. Fresh looking trees tend to have a positive energy and thus a positive effect workers.

Residential Tree Surgeons

It is only more recently has this profession started to increasingly make its way into the residential market.

Most people do not consider the fact that they need to prune their trees to promote healthy growth, remove trees to avoid structural damage, or hire the services of a tree surgeon to understand where you should and should not plant a new tree. Many people just say, “I want a tree in my garden”. They go out there and purchase a young tree that is small and plant it where they believe it will look the nicest in their garden. However, this is like buying a baby turtle. Soon it will grow much larger and will need maintenance.

With tress, their roots will spread under the ground. If planted in the wrong place, structures around the area the tree is planted could have these roots start to grow through or into the foundation. This risks structural damage as the tree demands more space to grow.

More Careers as Tree Surgeons Are Emerging Due to Rises In House Prices

As you can imagine from the scenario above in which the roots of a tree can push into the structure of a garden shed, into the wall of the house or office block, or distort concrete/brick paths, the demand for tree surgeons has increased.

With property values extremely important to owner these days thanks to rising values, structural damage is the last thing that someone wants to fork out on. Especially because is was due to a tree that was mistakenly planted in the wrong the place.

Furthermore, the value of a property is increased if all the trees are in a healthy state. That means pruning them correctly, so they grow to their full potential. The amount of additional value this can add to a residential or commercial building is astounding.

If a tree surgeon can help someone increase the saleable value of their property, it stands to reason why more people are starting to get into this line of work as a profession. Likewise, we can also now understand why their services are in such high demand.

Where Can You Find An Example of a Tree Surgeon Company in Action?

Check out Canopy Tree Services for the perfect example of an arborist company in action – look at the services they offer so you can better understand exactly what you can expect from such a company.

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