Warning: Never Recommend Dr. Liu of Yuchi Medical

Warning: Never Recommend Dr. Liu of Yuchi Medical

Nov 22, 2018, 3:52:11 AM Opinion

Yuchi Medical is a company that was incorporated on 27 March 2018 in London. I have heard several complaints about Dr. Liu of Yuchi Medical. Dr. Liu is regarded as a skillful and great person in the Red book app. They promised quality services and dosage at a relatively lower price in the London market. Not only is Dr. Liu good looking but also has a sense of humor.

I frown too much and this causes frown lines on my forehead which affects my look. I made an appointment with Yuchi Medical to get a Botulinum toxin injection to eliminate the frown lines on my forehead. I did not take careful consideration when selecting Yuchi Medical and I find it as a total waste of time and money.

The doctor said that I would be injected with Botox which would take one month to complete the process. This was so frustrating because it never worked.

I am writing this review because I had a very disappointing experience. The doctor at Yuchi Medical said since it was my first time to have the injection, it would be better if I started with a small dose then come back after two weeks for another injection.

I had the first injection and waited for two weeks for the next injection. After the two weeks, the only thing that I experienced was difficulty in frowning. The injections did not work. I can still frown and the frown lines till exist. Even after going for the second injection, nothing worked. I spent too much money on the injection and transportation and nothing worked. This was just a waste of money.

I can't explain whether the injection did not work because of the small dose but it is a very time-consuming process and doesn't really work. if you visit the place, you will find that it is too small and the doctors at Yuchi Medical are good looking and not very skilled.

Why I would never recommend Yuchi Medical

After wasting a lot of time and money without any improvement, I asked my friend who is a professional based in China about medical cosmetology. She told me this was just a marketing strategy. They use it to increase potential sales and lower the prices and dosage to make customers to visit their clinic more than twice.

After the second visit, I found out that Yuchi Medical has about 2-3 doctors and other few customers. It doesn't even look like a clinic. The place looks like a beauty studio.

Complaints about Br. Liu of Yuchi Medical

I dedicated my time to research to find real name complaints and more information about Yuchi Medical. They regard the clinic as a medical cosmetology center by Allergen in the United Kingdom. Their doctors are medical tutors of Harley academy.

From my research, I found out that the clinic is licensed in the UK for purchasing and using medical products at any place. This means that the "designated" doesn't exist. Yuchi Medical provides false advertisement for their services.

Published by Joseph Nicholls

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