Why google reviews are important for Small business

google reviews

Why google reviews are important for Small business

Sep 10, 2018, 2:59:41 AM Business

Google is the best platform to make a good connection between your business and customers. Word of mouth, social proof, or in other words popularity has always been a key to success in business. Plus, Reviews help to make a business constructive within a short time. Because most people would like to choose a product before seeing how the other people have reacted to this.

Getting reviews from the consumers is very important for the online businesses. As reviews from the customers is always salutary exercise for the business. Nowadays its importance has been increased.

Considering three things in business is very important for the small business. Firstly, the thing is acquiring testimonials. Secondly, understanding that what you're doing that is right or wrong. And thirdly, improving the visibility of your business on Google. Don't underestimate the power of review data, although you may have covered the all the elements of the local search strategy.

To have the potential buyers in your business, the present customer's testimonials shouldn't be underestimated. When other people will discuss your business it makes your products trustworthy. Also, Once your product is buyable, it will help to make a large amount of potential consumer.

In that place, if you say that my company is trustable, a few people will be willing to trust you. A study found that 88% of consumers consult reviews before purchasing. In addition, another study indicated that 63% of consumers are likely to buy products by seeing the other people's reviews. A negative review can influence your business online. Another study has said that 22% of consumers change their mind to buy products from your company by seeing a negative review.

There is fear of having bad reviews from the consumers. However, receiving the odd bad is not necessarily a big thing. Definitely, You have to reply to that bad comment and you must try to resolve it as soon as possible. As a result, It will demonstrate that you care about your potential customers.

A recent research has exposed that bad reviews can increase conversion by 67%.

Promote your Google business page on other social channels.

In your Google+ page, let the people on their social sites know about it. They won't be opposed to visiting your page from the other sites. Through this, your search rankings can be increased.

Include a CTA on your website.

Don't be shy about reaching out to audiences who are interacting with your business online. Especially those who always visit your site. Add a button so that people can share their experiences. And you can encourage people to share their experiences with you.

Why are testimonials so important in an SEO strategy?

In Google's pursuit to deliver the most relevant and providential results for local searches. So, most of the spectators are not interested to know about your business but also how your business perceived. And it is done by the people after seeing how many reviews you have gain from your business. Additionally, it matters if the other people what have rated. The tour illustrating the features of new Google Maps states outright that the "highest-rated" businesses near you will be returned. But how? It's when you will search with local intent. Recently Google has updated its map search layout to show the ratings and reviews much more prominently.

Hopefully, you could know why the Google reviews are very important for the small business. Reviews can make you reach the destination you want to go!

Happy Googling!


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