5 Filipino Product Merchants You Should Know About

5 Filipino Product Merchants You Should Know About

Aug 19, 2021, 6:55:55 AM Business

After reading dozens of merchant reviews, you'll see that just a small percentage of merchants offer the high-quality products they advertise.

However, with so many vendors on so many marketplaces, the main challenge is usually figuring out how to tell the good from the bad. What sets a good trader apart from a bad one.

Authenticity of Filipino Craftsmen

Thanks to the rise of the Ecommerce company, we see new inventive items enter the market every day, and hundreds of thousands of artisan merchants enter the market to display their individuality to the public.

However, like with most online businesses, product quality is unavoidably a worry. Our experiences with online shopping are frequently bewildering, with the goods failing to match the image provided on the site.

Here are the 5 Most Interesting Pili Lokal Merchants, without further ado:

Manang PH

When it comes to exceptional quality, nothing beats Manang PH's placemats, whether it's the Dark blue nito circular, natural woven napkin ring or the 2 tier solihiya rattan planter.

No one does it better than Manang PH; customers love the texture and feel of the product, as well as the entire structure, and you can count on nothing but the best when it comes to providing high-quality placemats.

Project Tea 28

This seller can give the greatest quality delicacies for your quarantine. Sweet honey tea and lovely fresh scented candles are great for your online class or work from home time.

Project Tea 28's two featured scented candles, Fresh Bamboo and English Lavender, are created with natural ingredients, unlike those found in other retailers. Brain Booster, Hibiscus Sangria, and Sweet Dreams are among the three wonderful tea varieties included.

Brik by brik

When you're putting your living room together, do you ever get the unsettling feeling that something is missing? A good piece of canvas art might be able to help you put this anxious feeling to rest.

Don't worry; Brik by Brik can help you discover a variety of beautiful and engaging patterns on the canvas of your choice.

Balay De Amor PH

Balay de amor sells a wide range of handcrafted baskets, rugs, wall patterns, mats, and other products at a lower cost than the mall.

We can't deny that handcrafted products aren't cheap because they take a long time to make and are manufactured by the worker's own hands using high-quality materials like abaca fiber, bacbac, and dried leaves.

Silly Sutton

Do you want to be a part of this pandemic's new craze? Silly Sutton is the answer!

Wearing a mask is uncomfortable; it destroys your outfit for the day; however, a mask strap will not only enhance your appearance, but will also keep your mask in place while you eat or drink. It's also customizable!

For a comfortable night's sleep, Silly Sutton now sells silky pillowcases made of high-quality silk fabric!


As Pili Lokal takes off, we can't help but applaud the outstanding quality of things that our fellow Filipino merchants bring to the table, with all of these diverse kinds of products.

Pili Lokal is set to take over the globe, and we can certainly state that the best is yet to come.

Pili Lokal Marketplace is a Philippine marketplace.

Pili specializes in creating a local market for authentic and handmade goods. Local merchants can use this e-commerce platform to expand their businesses in their community.

Pili is dealing with three big issues:

  • What are Filipino goods, and who are the Filipino artisans and makers?
  • Do they have any stores?

Pili Lokal seeks to solve these concerns by providing an online platform that allows clients to:

  • Find out what products are created in the Philippines;
  • Locate Filipino businessmen; and
  • Gain access to a Philippines buyer's and seller's community.

Do you want to assist local businesses but don't know how? So get your shopping fingers ready, because PILI will be launching its website soon, with offers from a variety of local businesses. This is your opportunity to assist Filipino entrepreneurs while also contributing to your community!

If you're a merchant, send your inquiries to sales@pililokal.com or phone us at +63998 902 2096.

Published by Joseph Webb

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