Guide For Proper Maintenance Of Dust Collector

Guide For Proper Maintenance Of Dust Collector

Jul 13, 2021, 8:37:08 AM Business

The invention of dust collectors makes the task easier for companies to collect airborne dust from air streams. It has been a crucial part of the industry for so many untold reasons.

Firstly, it is essential to give workers or labours a clean working environment. The airborne particulate may be toxic. Secondly, as per global consciousness for air pollution, we are ready to emphasize the dust collection phenomenon. Right from high abrasion resistance to filtering the best dust particles, there is a constant need for repairing that might arise, for the dust collectors.

To make sure that the dust collector is working fine, you should perform periodic monitoring like dust collector repairs and replacing the malfunctioned parts. A routine maintenance and inspection program are enough for boosting equipment’s efficiency and life. For knowing the overall maintenance procedure, follow some of the tips as mentioned.

#1. Create The Maintenance/Inspection Program:

This program consists of a schedule for periodic check-ups. It may be performed weekly, monthly or annual basis. If you fail in the periodic inspection procedure, the machine would not work at its best.

#2. Recommended Pressure Drop Should Not Exceed:

We need to consider the amount of differential pressure when operating with positive/negative dust collectors according to their pressure drop. Pressure drop is the typical indication of a water column in inches to show the amount of dust collection. It will also show the condition of filters if monitored continuously.

New filters come with the lowest amount of pressure drop because of the media’s inherent permeability. As the dust cake is developed inside the bag, the pressure drop gradually increases with the embedment of some particulates. The right repairing technique helps to enhance the working mechanism of the dust collector, as a result of which, even fine dust that poses threat to lives and people, can be collected in the dust collectors. But the higher amount of differential pressure makes the filter blinding or bleed-through. Therefore, it is mandatory not to exceed the threshold pressure drop.

#3. Ensure The Proper Functioning Of The Cleaning System:

The wide variety of cleaning systems are available for dislodging dust cakes from media. The system has a shaker, reverse air. Irrespective of the cleaning style, the system should be in its perfect form.

Without a proper system, you may observe an unnecessary accumulation of dust particles in bags. The result is very lethal i.e., reduced volume for ventilated air and increased drop of pressure.

#4. Notice Visible Emissions:

It indicates the discharging of particles from the exhaust stack. These emissions are unexpected as it comes from broken filters or breached seal. In this case, you must go for dust collector repairs for correcting the system. Additionally, you may notice damaged downstream fans if you do not go for an urgent maintenance schedule. With the lowest emission levels, you will have better working efficiency of the dust collectors. In fact, with proper maintenance and cleanliness, there will also be no dust penetration into the carrier material.

Continuous monitoring of the exhaust system is also important. Besides, do visual inspections to add something to broken bags.

#5. Selection Of Proper Exhausting Fan:

Dust collectors require a proper exhausting fan for accelerating the ventilated air from the pick-up point. Fans keep the balance of pressure drop and volume throughout the system. Evaluation of static resistance of ductwork, dust collector, pick-up points is necessary for calculating the overall pressure drop.

#6. Inspection Of Filter Media:

Filter media is the item that cannot be left as it supports and accumulates the dust cake. We need high efficiency for filters during system operation.

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