How Russian Painted Eggs Became Part of Russian Art

How Russian Painted Eggs Became Part of Russian Art

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The egg is, in each culture, an image of life. The custom of giving genuine eggs painted or made of different materials is both religious and mainstream in all nations.

It has inceptions in paganism with the egg as an image of resurrection and fruitfulness and the yellow yolk symbolizes the sun and life.

The custom and tradition of creating Russian eggs have been in Russia since the beginning and has even achieved an amazingly high level of masterful craftsmanship mostly because of Fabergé. The giving of painted and decorated eggs have particularly been widespread during Easter and not only in Russia but around the world.

The Beginning of its Creation

According to Russian legend, Mary Magdalene went to Rome to preach the Gospel, and offered the Emperor of Rome Tiberius a red-shaded egg and proclaimed that Jesus has risen from the dead. Since then, giving painted coloured eggs has become a way of celebrating the Resurrection.

Initially, the creation of this type of Russian icons was mostly made by women using chicken eggs or egg that came from any type of birds. Soon though, they were recognised as a true form of art which is also made its way to the rich and famous.

The most popular case is without a doubt, one of the imperial Fabergé eggs which is made of genuine gems enhanced with valuable stones, varnish, precious stones, and pearls, created by Fabergé. This was given by the last Tsar of Russia to the ladies of the imperial family.

Indeed, the creation of Russian painted eggs has also been extremely mainstream. Its creation is not as easy as most would think. Although they are commonly made out of wood, they can also be made of other materials are not as precious as one would think like paper-mâché. However, the difficulty in their form and its creation is not as easy to paint, which makes the creation of such icons special.

Russian Icon Painters Joined in

The best Russian painters also ventured into creating this difficult form of art with the use of a magnifying glass and a bristle brush to create the face’s details and the detailed scenes on the egg.

In later years, a few craftsmen such as the Palekh School, have utilized the decoupage strategy on Russian painted eggs, by placing silkscreen icons onto the exterior of the egg.

The creation of Russian painted eggs' takes after an exact shading and image code as those of Russian icons, but with a specific event in mind which is the figure of the resurrection of Jesus together with Mary.

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