Know All About Roller Shutter

Know All About Roller Shutter

Dec 22, 2016, 4:27:06 PM Business

Roller shutters are also called as roller doors or overhead doors, which are slats joint together for protection to the property needs. Sometimes, there can be web systems and bar systems as well. They are opened and closed as per one’s preferences and needs. Roller shutters are mainly used for the residential premises, for commercial rooms and garages, and people now also install these shutters in their window. These shutters are mainly used for security purposes and these shutters provide 100% privacy level along with power consumption saving utility.

Types of Roller Shutter                

You can find some electrical, manual, chain operative and remote system roller shutters in the market. If you want to access the shutters frequently, then you can install the chain operative roller shutters. For the residential uses, the electrical and motorised roller shutters are the best options. There are plenty of roller shutters available in the market, let us have a look at the most common ones as mentioned and explained below.

  1. Manual shutters: There is no special mechanism built inside manual shutters. These are cost effective and are common in many households. These have to be opened and closed by hand and these are very simple to use.
  2. Motorised or remote controlled shutters: These are mechanical ones and can be opened and closed with the help of a button. They are used mostly in commercial establishments. The motors have sensors in them and changes as per the climate outside.

Different Types of Roller Shutters Available in The Market:

You need to decide first among the above ones, and then check for other categories of roller shutters available in the market.

  • Grill shutters: These are generally remote controlled shutters and made from strong and sturdy materials like steel and metals. They not just offer protection but are even good for the ventilation purposes. These are generally used in small and big stores of the market. 
  • Perforated shutters: These are also suitable for commercial spaces, no matter how big or small they are. These can be made from steel and can be used in motorised form of shutters. These can be used in both manual as well as motorised form, as per your own requirements.
  • Industrial shutters: These are meant for professional uses where safety and looks play a vital role. These roller shutters can be made of any size and shape based on your preferences. These are expensive in nature and are usually suited in large areas such as industrial spaces, factories, malls and more. These offer great protection wherever they are installed, and can also be merged with lock systems and other advanced stuff.

So, with so many options available as mentioned above, the final decision lies with you. One needs to be careful before making any decision. You can compare the prices, features and other factors of the shutters and then decide which one to go with. Stay Safe and Secure by installing roller shutters!

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