Look Beautiful on Your Daughter’s Wedding Day

It is always a joyous moment or occasion, as one would say, for a mother to see her daughter get married. The only ones who had once shown the light of the earth to her baby are now ready to carry on the cycle- tying the nuptial knots with her heartthrob is a significant moment for every parent. However, when it comes to dressing up on the auspicious occasion being the mother of the bride, are you confused on how to dress up? In all probability, you might be thinking about it over and over, but no matter what you do, there is no solution. Following some tips mentioned below, you can look as fashionable & presentable as your little daughter on such an auspicious day.

Points to Reckon

  • The first thing you should consider is to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Being the mother of the bride, your dress should be such that it is uncommon and most likely not to be worn by any guests present at the party. You should be identified as the mother only by your looks amongst the crowd who would be looking at your dress.
  • Being the mother of the bride, it is wise to consult the mother of the groom about the dress and the color both of you are intending to wear on the wedding ceremony of your children so that both of you might not turn in almost same dresses and, as a result, look too much alike. Avoid wearing the colors and the style of the dress that the groom’s mother is wearing for marking a certain difference.
  • It is one of those nights for your daughter, which comes perhaps only once in a woman’s life. So, being the mother of the bride, it is always better to look a little softer with regards to dressing and wearing accessories so that your outfits might not overshadow the beauty of your daughter. Of course, that does not mean that you should wear a simple dress, but you can almost try to wear something that is not as gorgeous as your daughter’s.

Dress Accordingly

  • If you still have a curvy, hourglass figure in spite of being middle-aged, you can wear dresses that would most definitely flaunt the curves because why not?
  • You should try to forget and ignore factors like the temperature whilst thinking about looking fashionable as you are the mother of the bride. Be prepared to outsmart the weather with a smile and wearing dresses that can make you feel both cold and hot. Every fashion has some drawbacks, and one should be prepared to take up the challenges in order to look truly beautiful.
  • As the mother of the bride, the occasion of the marriage needs to be solemnized with full dignity and gravity. One should avoid dresses that do not go with the spirit of the event, yet they must look gorgeous and presentable.
  • The dress you should wear as the bride’s mother should always be according to the figure.
  • Accessories like the shoes, the jewelry or the hat and handbags should all be matching with the dress you are wearing on the day of your daughter’s marriage.
  • Selecting traditional dresses is preferable, though many prefer to experiment with designs from other cultures in order to look different. Traditional dresses always have a different value in the eyes of everyone.


Though nobody has guts to suggest what any woman should need to think about her dress, she should wear something that is truly beautiful. However, following some tips, as mentioned above, the mother of the bride can truly stand out during her daughter’s wedding. Ultimately, it reminds her of the day she had once gone through walking down the aisle taking that vow.

Published by Joseph Webb


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