Maintain the Health of Your Sight with Timely Eye Test

Maintain the Health of Your Sight with Timely Eye Test

Jan 29, 2019, 3:33:24 PM Business

The sense of sight gives us the joy of perceiving and engulfing the charm which is spread all around. At times, slight negligence on our part can prove fatal to our eye health, which is why getting regular eye test is considered to be so important. Let’s know more.

When Is the Right Time?

One should not wait for the eyes to give out a warning sign. Instead, it’s better to book an appointment with your eye doctor and get an eye test at least on a yearly basis. This would help in detecting any upcoming eye problem early and treating it appropriately. But there are certain signs which require immediate attention.

  • Sudden issue with reading words and numbers from too close or from a distance.
  • Increased strain on eyes when one undertakes reading or to work on computers.
  • Tear glands becoming highly active and the issue of eyes getting watery at the slightest instance.
  • Sharp pain in pupils when exposed to bright lights
  • Inability of eyes to adjust to different light conditions
  • Extreme dryness in eyes which persists and causes redness
  • Itchy feeling all day long
  • Shooting headaches which do not go away easily. This may be due to some problem in the connecting nerves common for the head and eyes.
  • Evident squint needs immediate attention, as it can get worse and impair visual ability if not checked in time.
  • At times, accidents such as dust granules getting in the eye or a scratch from the fingernail also needs quick deliberation, because you may never know which part has gotten damaged without consulting an expert.
  • Family history of eye ailments, thyroid and glaucoma call for more prompt check-ups, as the chances of contracting an eye disease is higher in this case.

It is always a better idea to be safe than sorry. Eyes are precious and one should leave no stone unturned in their upkeep. A regular eye test should thus be made a mandatory thing in your regular health check plan.

Choosing an Eye Testing Facility

Eyes are very delicate organs and specific tools are needed for its testing. Sophisticated machines and the latest gadgets are required to detect any underlying problem with perfection. Here are a few things you need to look for in an eye-testing facility.

  • An eye clinic should be equipped with state of art techniques and diagnostic equipment to give a holistic eye check-up to the patient. A pachymeter, a tonometer, a bio microscope should all be in place for a perfect retinal examination.
  • As it is essential to know that the facility is fully equipped, it is equally necessary to check the optometrist who is going to treat your eye at the facility as well.  Only skillful, experienced and trained hands should be trusted with the health of your eye.
  • The eye test clinic should also have adequate staff to undertake a procedural check. Generally, in these tests, a patient should be immediately attended after the dilation. If such a thing does not happen, the test might not go well.
  • The eye care centre which has an in-house lenses and spectacle buying option relieves the patient of the task of running helter and skelter for the required eye wear. So, prefer one that has it.
  • Another imperative condition to be fulfilled before getting your eye test done is to identify whether it will comply with the requirements of your insurance plan or not. Eye examinations and further treatments can be really costly and thus this identification in advance can be really advantageous.

After this initial homework, one should fix an appointment and visit the optometrist for an eye test. Delay of prudent judgment regarding eye health can ruin the marvelous experience called life.

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