Professional Tips for Care and Maintenance of Engineered Stone Benchtops

Professional Tips for Care and Maintenance of Engineered Stone Benchtops

Sep 20, 2018, 3:55:57 PM Business

No matter how hard a surface is and how beautiful it may look, you must take proper care and maintain it properly to prevent any damages. There are a few simple and easy tips to follow to take care for your engineered stone benchtops. Every manufacturer will provide you with proper care and maintenance instructions which you will need to follow diligently for better results, long-lasting surface and high functionality. These surfaces are hard and nonporous thereby making it easy to maintain and clean.

  • To preserve the finish of the original countertop, make sure that you use just soap and water solution. You may use detergents that are mild in nature and certainly no abrasive cleaning solutions.
  • If the manufacturer recommends any cleaning solution make sure you stick to it because in most cases these cleaning solutions contain bleach to facilitate better cleaning results.
  • If there are any food spills or gum adhered to the surface, make sure that you scrape it off using a plastic putty knife only. Using steel knives is a certain no-no as it may result in further scratches on the surface.
  • If there are any blade marks once again use the recommended cleaning solutions to remove it. To remove the residue of the cleaning solution always rinse engineered stone benchtops with clean water and wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • The good thing about engineered stone is that it does not require waxes or sealants to retain its finish. However, you may need occasional polishing with a recommended cleanser cream to keep surface shiny and looking its best.

At all times you must avoid excessive abuse of your engineered stone benchtops so that it works perfectly well and looks as good as new for years to come.  A little diligence and effort from your part are all that matters.

Cleaning Process to Follow

The frequency of cleaning the engineered stone benchtops will largely depend on its usage. If you use it daily or if the countertop meets food and beverages daily or is exposed to day to day dirt, dust, grime, oil and bacteria then you will need to clean it daily after use.

Moreover, if the surface is honed, matte or textured, it will need more frequent cleaning and maintaining. This is because such surfaces are prone to fingerprints and other marks.

Whenever you spill anything on the surface accidentally, make sure that you do not leave it there but wipe it off immediately. Also, clean the surface with water and a mild detergent solution using a soft cotton cloth or sponge.

Use Manufacturer Recommended Cleaning Products

It is best to keep a cleaning kit as recommended by the manufacturer of the engineered stone benchtops for everyday cleaning. This will make your cleaning process easy as well as more effective. Such recommended cleaning products will contain ingredients that are perfect for the surface and will not cause any damage to it. It will not diminish the polish of the surface as it will be safe to use. It will clean efficiently and at the same time protects the stone surface as well. These cleaning products contain no phosphates and will also have a pleasant fragrance.

However, if you use your home cleaning solution then you must make sure that the solution contains no elements that can damage the surface of the engineered stone benchtops. These elements include concentrated bleach, cream cleaners and oil soaps. Also, avoid furniture or oven cleaners, drain cleaners, chemicals with high alkaline levels, paint remover, nail polish removers and paint and stain strippers.

However, accidental spoils of the strong chemical must be rinsed immediately with lots of water and then the normal cleaning process.

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