10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Into Airsoft


10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Into Airsoft

Nov 22, 2021, 3:03:32 PM Business

When we think of airsoft, we only consider it as a game and don't really know much about the hobby. But one thing for sure is that airsoft has so much to offer than just a mere pastime activity. Here are some pros and cons that may help you decide if you should join or introduce your children to this awesome hobby.

1) Airsoft is a very affordable hobby

The initial outlay for the sport is not expensive at all and you only need to pick the best airsoft gun and magazines for you. For some high-end brands of AEG, you can get them starting from $250 or even lower if you really want to save on cost. At the same time, cheap bb guns that shoot within 380-400 fps can be bought for under $50 but will require more frequent replacement of inner barrels and upgrade work such as spring changing (unless you get a good brand like KWC). BBs are sold in bags of 5k or 10k rounds with prices ranging from $10-$15 depending on the supplier and type (brand) of BBs. That means 500 to 1000 rounds of BBs will only cost you about $20-$30. The good thing about airsoft guns is that, if the battery dies or something breaks down on your gun, it doesn't have to be thrown away as long as parts are available for replacement and/or repair.

2) Airsoft provides a cheap way for people to relieve stress

This is what I do when I'm stressed out at work – pulling the trigger of my M4 rifle until my heart's content! It's cheaper than therapy sessions and definitely more effective. Airsoft is also the cheapest way to relieve stress instead of taking it out on people around you which will only result in them hating you even more! It allows you to vent your frustrations without fear of getting into trouble with the law since no one gets hurt except for BBs hitting them or your surroundings.

3) Airsoft provides a great way for people to bond with friends and family

If you're someone who doesn't like crowded places where people tend to butt into your conversations, then playing airsoft at an indoor field is perfect for bonding time with friends and family members. You can really carry on interesting conversations without having too much noise pollution interfering! When I last went out with my family for a game, I was able to share and discuss things with them like my work and how the stock market is doing (and many other topics) without having to hold back or worry that we're disturbing somebody.

4) Health benefits

Not everyone realizes this, but playing airsoft can also help improve your health! Apart from the fact that it is a great way for you to draw out stress and frustration, it actually helps tone your muscles as well as gives you an aerobic workout at the same time. 

It might not be as intense as boxing or jogging but they say playing airsoft is equivalent to walking 3 miles per hour – pretty awesome if you ask me!

5) Socializing with people of different backgrounds

It's always good to keep abreast of what's happening around the world especially when tensions are high between different political parties, cultures, and religions. I always find it interesting to meet players from other countries who represent their flag while playing airsoft. The opportunity to learn about their culture is priceless even if you're just asking simple questions like "Where are you from?" or "What made you decide to come to this country?"

6) It's also a great family sport

I have two children – one boy and one girl – both of whom are under 10 years old so they are not really interested yet in guns ("real" ones anyway). But the good thing is that my kids love going out with me to play airsoft. Since it's an all-ages sport, there are no when it comes to young kids joining in the fun. Anybody can play airsoft as long as you follow the guidelines set by different fields and arenas. It's also much better than other competitive sports for kids because no one gets hurt. Just make sure that your kids are supervised by somebody else whenever they join in to avoid accidents.

7) Airsoft is a mentally-engaging sport

People often categorise airsoft as a kids only game, but this is entirely not true because learning about airsoft, playing and putting the gear together takes a lot of mental engagement! You also have to be alert at all times or else you might just get yourself into trouble with another player who is out for blood – err…BBs that is! So if you want to keep your mind active while having fun with your friends, then this is the sport for you!

8) Airsoft alleviates boredom

It's summertime so what better way to spend our free time than playing airsoft with our buddies? It also gets boring during rainy days or when you have nothing else, in particular, to do so why not go out and have some fun tackling other players in a game of Capture the Flag or Team Deathmatch? Since I'm not working anymore, I don't know what I'll do when winter starts rolling around because it tends to be pretty cold here in Illinois once November comes along. Maybe then I can just play at an indoor arena until summertime returns again next year!

9) Airsoft provides a stress-relief outlet

Stress and tension can get pretty high at work sometimes so what we need is a stress outlet that we can use to take out our frustrations while having fun! Playing airsoft with your buddies once or twice a week might just be the perfect way for you to let loose before going back to your desk or daily routine.

10) New technology

It's always good when new technologies are introduced in airsoft because it makes the game even much more interesting, challenging, and safer too! From using radio frequencies instead of infrared signals for communication between players on different teams to netting structures in an indoor arena in order to prevent bullets from passing through walls, there are endless possibilities in improving the overall quality of the airsoft experience.

Since I started playing airsoft several years ago, it has helped me a lot in keeping fit and healthy while having a good time with so-called "buddies" of mine! Although some people might not understand why a grown man would want to go out and play war games against each other with plastic BBs, all I know is that this sport has given me a feeling of happiness and contentment unlike any other. Oh yeah…and did I mention that getting hit by an opponent's BB feels like getting tickled over and over again?

Published by Joseph Webb

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