Residential and Commercial Carpet. What Is the Difference?

Residential and Commercial Carpet. What Is the Difference?

Dec 27, 2021, 10:10:46 AM Business

Cleaning plays an important part in our daily routine the reason for that is cleaning is necessary for a healthy environment. Humans’ beings cannot survive in a dirty environment. Cleaning is important in both commercial places as well as residential.

When we talk about residential and commercial carpet cleaning the first question that comes to mind is that what is the difference between commercial and residential carpet cleaning?

When we talk about commercial and residential cleaning one of the main areas to look at is carpets. In residential flooring, people often focus on style and comfort. In residential flooring, there is more option available regarding the colors and style of the carpet. People normally use thicker padding for residential flooring because it helps to give more comfort when children play.

On the other side for commercial flooring the priorities changes in term of durability and economy. The focus regarding commercial carpeting is that the carpet should hold up under foot traffic and still look good. Because in general, the use of commercial carpet is far more than a residential carpet. Commercial carpets are less expensive in general and have a variety of sizes available which makes commercial carpets is the best option for large areas and spaces.

How Long Does the Commercial Carpet Last?

In general, as compared to residential carpets the commercial carpet lasts much longer. Commercial carpets are usually designed to holp up for busy foot traffic. Therefore, their lifetime is far longer than a residential carpet. Generally, the lifetime of commercial carpet is around three to ten years. These figures depend on a few factors which include the following.

  • Fiber: Most of the commercial carpets are made of nylon, the benefits of that are easy to clean. It also helps against stain resistance in some cases.
  • Density: Density also plays an important part in the lifetime of the carpet. The carpet has more density is more likely to last longer as compared to the carpets with less density.
  • Colour: Colour is an important factor in the life of the carpet. Most commercial carpets are in dark shades and patterns because it will provide more time to carpet as compared to carpets with light shades and colors.
  • Installation: Installation also helps to make the lifetime longer of the carpets if installation is done by a professional it will help to increase the lifetime of carpets mostly professionals use the right padding to increase the lifetime of the carpet. If they don’t install the carpet correctly it will affect the life of the carpet.

How Long Does the Residential Carpet Last?

On average the carpet should last from three to ten years but it really depends on the usage of the carpet. Also, the lifetime of carpet depends on the people living in the house which room carpet is placed also the quality of the carpet. So, there is a number of things to consider while analyzing how long the carpet should last.

  • Quality: It depends on the quality of the carpet how long it will last if you are using the cheap quality carpet it is not going to last longer as compared to expensive and high-quality carpet.
  • Usage: The lifetime of the carpet relies on the usage of the carpet if you are having children or pets at home that means your usage of carpet is much more than other residential with no children and pets. Because when you have children or pets they keep going in and our dropping stuff on the carpet which makes the carpet lifetime less as compared to other residential houses with no children and pets.
  • Colour: The color of the carpet is also an important factor in the lifetime of the carpet if your carpet is in light shade, it will have a short life as compared to a carpet with dark shade and color. If you drop wine, oil, and any other stain which is hard to take out it will affect the lifetime of the carpet.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning of the carpet also plays an important part in the lifetime of the carpet. If you are cleaning your carpet on a regular basis, it will help you to increase the lifetime of the carpet as compared to the person who is not taking care of the carpet and after a while, the carpet start smelling which is the hardest part to clean sometimes after cleaning the smell still exists and the only solution left is to change the carpet.

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