Tips for Choosing Granite Benchtops Colors

Tips for Choosing Granite Benchtops Colors

Jun 19, 2018, 3:44:11 PM Business

Whether you are renovating your home or choosing new fixtures for the kitchen, selecting proper color becomes essential for your interiors; especially when you are selecting granite benchtops for your kitchen. Granite is a hard, natural stone that comes in a variety of colors, veins, textures etc. you have to select the best one that suits your kitchen interiors and looks stylish as well.

If you follow the tips given below perfectly then you will not have to worry about the granite stone counters for your kitchen at all. Granite is a functional stone that adds value and lasts a lifetime. Only, you have to make a proper choice.

Valuable Tips for Selecting Color of Granite Benchtops

Analyze the Lightning:

Selecting a light color or speckled granite can be an excellent choice for dark spaces that get minimal natural light. But a dark color granite would be the top choice for a kitchen that keeps overflowing with natural light like sable granite, black forest, deep obsidian etc. These dark granites are definitely the best options for homeowners with small kids and pets. Lighting is vital when you are selecting granite benchtops for your kitchen as if you pair dark granite with dark spaces then your kitchen will appear smaller than it really is!

Take Kitchen Materials When You Shop:

You really do not want to go inside a shop and start guessing the floor color you have. It is always better to take a sample of the kitchen floor, cabinets etc when you go for granite benchtops shopping. Taking your paint sample is easy, if nothing else then you can always take photos of your kitchen with natural lighting also works when selecting granite at the shop. You would also need to think about the regular kitchen appliances, windows and other kitchen furnishings. You would not want the granite to stand apart and look funny. If you have stainless steel appliances and cabinets then you may want to choose beige based granite with crimson veins etc.

Collect Samples:

If you get samples from the shop then you must take a few samples home so that you can carefully analyze what looks best in your kitchen. If the samples are not available then you can take photos of the selected granite benchtops for proper analysis. When you reach home all you need to do is look at the photos carefully standing in the kitchen. When you do this test, you will understand if the granite you have chosen will work best in the kitchen surroundings or not. You can even test the granite sample at different times of the day to see the effect it has in the kitchen.

You Can Always Have Two:

If you are stuck between two colors of granite for your kitchen then why don’t you use both! If you want, then you can place the lighter colored granite on the island and the dark colored granite benchtops for the cabinet areas. This beautiful contrast between two colors of granite will make your kitchen stand apart from the crowd. Your kitchen will appear even better with different colors of granite.

Check the Granite Slab:

When you narrow on a choice of granite for your kitchen then it becomes necessary to check the slabs that are available in your chosen color of granite. Most of the shops will allow you to see the slabs. You need to remember that no two pieces of granite are same. The best thing to do here is to select one big slab that is in your color and veining. With a full slab in place, you know that there will be a similarity in the kitchen. When you ask for the sample, always ask whether the particular stone is available from the sample or not. Do they update their samples?

You will find the right granite slab for your kitchen! All you need is patience and proper selection tips.

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