Tips to Remember While Buying Timber Dining Tables

Tips to Remember While Buying Timber Dining Tables

Nov 22, 2018, 3:15:10 PM Business

We always heard that a family that eats together stays together. This adage is very common and everybody abides by it. No matter how stressful the lifestyles are or how busy you are, families take out the time to share a meal together, bonding and talking about their day. Hence, the dining table is one of your most important furniture and needs time for choosing. Timber dining tables are the best. They are sturdy, reliable and often dent-proof and the older it gets the more character it develops. Who would not like to buy a timber dining table which provides more space for insulation so that you can also contribute to environment. It can also give your dining area an aesthetic look so that you can welcome your guests with utmost hospitality. But, there are factors you need to consider when you buy a timber dining table.

9 Reasons to Choose Timber Dining Tables

  1. The kind of wood which is used for the table: Always opt for hardwood like oak or teak or maple or even hickory. Avoid composite wood which is a mixture of hardwood, plywood and medium density fiberboard. (MDF)
  2. Measurements of space and timber: The space of your dining room and the size of your timber dining table play an important role. There should be enough space to move around the table and there should be enough elbow room too.
  3. The place of residence: If you live in an apartment, it is best to go for smaller and simpler sized timber dining table than an elaborate one. You can decorate it and add character later.
  4. Compatibility between components: Make sure your room and the timber dining table compliments each other. Choose the color which blends well with the floor. Here choose a wood which stains easy and retains it too, like maple.
  5. Shape and size: The shape of the timber dining table is essential. Not ever shape suits every décor and family size. you have a smaller family, opt for the rectangular one or the square one. A large square room with a huge family gathering will be best with oval or round dining table.
  6. Quality of durability: Durability is one of the reasons timber dining tables are in demand. Hardwoods are best suited as they stain easy and don’t warp soon. With proper processing, a timber table will withstand all weathers without a single bend. Here, your environment plays an essential role while choosing the wood. Avoid direct sunlight at all costs.
  7. Maintenance: Caring for timber is essential. Proper cleaning and drying is required to maintain the timber dining table but given the quality, it adds to your home. Avoid setting hot pans and refrigerated utensils directly over the table.
  8. Other amenities: Your other furniture should be in sync with your timber dining table. It depends on the shape, size, color and design of the table. Whether you are working a particular theme or like the casual style, it is never wise to cluster your room.
  9. Budget: Last but not the least, budget. Though classy and stylish, timber dining tables do come costly. Before you jump at your favorite set, keep in mind the budget. The chairs come expensive too so plan accordingly. You can also opt for second hand timber dining tables as they weather well.

Apart from adding a character, a dining table plays so many roles in your house. Be it eating or doing some work, the table sees many a scratches and stains. It is important to maintain this piece of your home. Always use soft, clean and damp cloth to clean the surface and avoid polishes that has silicone. You should buy a timber dining table from a certified retailer or wooden furniture wholesaler so that you can get authentic timber quality dining tables.

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