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When troubles hit you on every side, who do you turn to?

When the journey is taking too long because there are bumps on the road at every turn; who do you cry out to?

When you call out for help and all you get back for an answer is the echo of your own words, how does it make you feel?
When there’s no one left to help you and no other options to consider, what do you do?

When your place of comfort makes you feel colder after you left it, where else do you go?

When you think you’re at the end of the tunnel but at the sight of a ray of light, you’re plunged into darkness yet again, how assured are you that you’d ever make it?

When every step forward makes you feel stuck and anxiety threatens to stop your very breath, how do you make yourself calm down?

When all eyes and ears ignore you as if you don’t even exist, what hope do you hold on to so as to feel alive?

When all human help and natural sources have exhausted their options with you, who is left to plead your case with?


It is awful to feel stuck behind a closed door in an empty hallway;

With virtually no one to give you solace;

But even in the darkest hour, one can seek refuge in Him who is everywhere;

Because God’s silence in a tough situation is more assuring that the pledges of men;

When He isn’t speaking, know that He is working behind the scenes;

Might not be progressing according to your timetable but comfort yourself;

The God who created time is not bound by time;

It might tarry but whatever He has promised you will surely come to pass;


When God is all you have left, it would feel scary sometimes;

But if God is with you, you are in the majority;

It is better for Him to be with you at the back of the line;

Than be in the front without Him;

He will surely deliver;

Don’t give up on Him;

Don’t doubt what He can do;

Because God isn’t limited by our seemingly hopeless circumstances;

He is limited by what we believe He can do;

If you feel your faith growing faint;

Remember how far He has brought you;

And assure yourself He won’t bring you this far to leave you unfulfilled.


Let God be your sanctuary;

Whether in the crowd or in isolation;

And He will turn your tears into laughter;

Your fears into joy;

And your frustrations into testimonies.


© Josephine Amoako 2016


Published by Josephine


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