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Little bit about me, I am currently residing in Arizona, loving the weather and my current job, although I would like to write and inspire as my job, that is the ultimate goal. I have been walking this earth for 22 years now and have experienced a wide variety of things and witnessed the technology age take off. I had an episode during my 21st year that changed my life and mindset forever but, for the better. It is explained in my poetry on my other blog  though not as much detail as to leave room for questions and more stuff along the way. I am currently working on a poetic novel, which is what I like to call it. As well as running a separate blog. I love to travel and hear new perspectives as well as learning about other cultures and beliefs. I believe there is a chance at peace and I aim to awaken that idea. Help me help you. Lets get heard. Peace. Love. Change.


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