The Green Serpent

The Green Serpent

It seems to me 

That the heart of one no longer leads.

Instead it bleeds, 

Bitten by the green serpent

Leaving a poison that slowly makes you repent;

Against everything you have ever believed in

Making you only want to fit in.

Giving up our own health for an extra dollar.

Putting on the collar

Being led by the Green Serpent.

Making you not free, but a servant

Does that seem like a world to live in?


Do not give in to the poison within.

Fight for your rights and win

Now that you know the issue

Throw away that used up tissue

And fly with me. 

Spread your wings and soar to new heights.

Take back your natural born rights

Conquer the few that hold on tight

Then be like the Eagle

And soar far out of sight.



Published by Josh Sepsey

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