Top 10 under £10- Face part 2.

Top 10 under £10- Face part 2.

Jul 29, 2016, 7:43:20 PM Creative

This time it's the part two of face products, this will include everything you put on top of the things in the first post, setting powder, blush, bronzer etc.

Once again, in no particular order, here we go!!


Number 1: Revolution ultra blush palette- sugar and spice. 

revolution blush

I can't think of a better drug store blush palette currently on the market. This palette has the perfect mix of tones and would suit any skin tone from light to dark. I particularly like that there are a couple shades that have a slight shimmer in, these are just perfect for when you want that summer glow. Because I'm quite fair I mostly use the darker tones blush on the top left as a contour shade and the top right as a highlight. They are highly pigmented and have a really nice formula where the powder doesn't go everywhere when you're swirling your brush around. In fact, they are so highly pigmented I have been known to use the darker shades of my eyes for depth.




Number 2: Kate Moss sculpting palette- coral glow. 

kate sculpting


This is my everyday, go- to palette for giving life to my face. I love the fact that It has three very decent sized products all in one small compact. The blush is a nice coral colour, I think there are other colour options available but coral glow is the shade that I use. It's really summery and fresh. The only thing is that the blush doesn't have the highest pigmentation but works well for a light summery look. The contour shade is great, I use it with a flat top contour brush and get a really nice defined cheekbone every time. Because it isn't too dark of a shade I can use this for a light contour on my nose as well. I also use a big fluffy brush and use the contour shade as a bronzer. The contour isn't completely matte but isn't overly shimmery either, it just adds a little bit of lift to the colour. I like the highlight as it isn't as glittery as some highlights I've used. Instead it creates that glazed doughnut effect which I really like for a more casual look.




Number 3: Nyx high definition blush- crimson and baby doll.

nyx blush


Our favourite international budget makeup line, nyx! I was so excited when nyx was introduced to boots as it means that I could try even more of their products without having to wait weeks  for them to be delivered from the states. I like these blushers because they're small and compact and they come in a huge range of colours. I find these have the highest pigments of all the blushers in this price range and despite being a small compact, they last a reasonable amount of time. My personal favourite colours are crimson and baby doll. Crimson is a gorgeous deep red colour and I love it for the winter months. Because I'm quite pale I use a very light dusting of this colour but on someone with a darker complexion this shade would be fantastic. For a more every day, summery look I use baby doll. This is a nice light pink shade and really lightens the face. I also like that these blushes are a flat colour with no shimmer.




Number 4:  Elf studio contouring blush and bronzing cream.


I wanted to include a cream blush or bronzer for people that have quite dry skin and prefer a cream based product and then I remembered this beauty I tried a while back. The only reason I don't use this product any more is solely that I find it quite difficult to get a hold of. That and it didn't suit my skin type as well as a powder does. This product does however have really good colouring and unlike some cream products it goes on really smoothly and doesn't clump when put on top of powder. I also like that this product doesn't 'slip' as the day goes on. The product stays in place and is as highly pigmented as when you first put it on. I wish that the pans were slightly deeper but for such a cheap price to get two great products is more than sufficient.




Number 5: Sleek face contour kit- light.

sleek contour

This one of my top two contour palettes. Sleek is a relatively new brand to the UK and has reasonable prices for some very good quality products. There's not much to say really other than the fact that it works, it's a really flattering shade that's not too dark that it looks streaky but it's dark enough that you can see clear definition. I'm not too hooked on the highlight as it matches too closely to my skin tone to highlight, but I'd pay this price for the contour alone as it works so well, has great staying power, is nicely pigmented and doesn't create too much mess. It also copes well with other products being layered on top.




Number 6: Seventeen define and contour kit.


seventeen contourThis is one of my favourite contours of all time, including any high end products.  I've brought this product endless times and cried every time I hit pan. The highlight is so pigmented that even on my fair skin in creates a really lovely luminosity and is matte so I can use it all over my face to really sculpt without glowing like a fairy. The contour is a warm tone brown and look fantastic with blushes in a huge range of colours. The formula means that the product doesn't flake or create a lot of mess and it's also really easy to blend. For someone just starting out with contouring this is what I'd suggest.




Number 7:  W7 banana dreams loose powder.


banana powderI wanted to try a banana powder after all of the hype around Kim K and a load of other celebs seen wearing it on the red carpet. The yellow pigments are meant to neutralise and discolouration in the skin. To be honest I hadn't noticed too much of a change in my complexion although I was pleasantly surprised that after a few layers it didn't have any sort of yellow hue. It actually smells slightly like bananas which I rather like. What I really love about this powder is that it's performance is one of the very best. After applying in the morning I don't have to worry about any oil showing or my makeup moving or slipping out of place. This bad boy sets everything.  I got mine from a make up outlet so it was a little cheaper than the rrp but even buying it full price it's still cheap enough to experiment with- I promise you'll love it.




Number 8: Rimmel stay matte pressed powder.


rimmel matteThis is my favourite powder for on the go. I always have one of the compacts in my makeup bag or in my purse for a night out. The small size means it's easy to store but because it's a pressed powder you get quite a lot of product. Also, because this is a long lasting powder the actual product can last well up to a couple of months with every day use. I use this powder in the lightest shade to highlight under my eyes and add coverage to my areas most prone to oily breakouts. This powder, despite being quite full coverage, doesn't look cakey on the skin and doesn't create much fall out.





Number 9:  Collection sheer loose powder.


collection powderFor those of you that like me love A) to bake and B) a really good bargain, you are going to love this next powder. This loose powder by collection will only set you back £2.99 but has been my favourite powder for a long time now, I think since I started wearing makeup. The powder sets your makeup and because it has such a light consistency it doesn't smudge or change any colours when applying over your makeup to set. I use this powder with a damp beauty blender to bake under my eyes, it really helps to keep my under eye crease-free and set for the rest of the day. I don't mind the fact that it has quite bulky package because once I've applied I never have to reapply throughout the day. Plus the bigger pot means more product so win win! I use the shade translucent but there are a few different options. The only this I'd suggest is that you don't wear black whilst using this powder as the process can be quite messy.




Number 10: Revolution vivid baked highlighter- golden lights.


revolution highlight

I know I said their was no order to this but I definitely left my favourite for last. This is the most amazing highlight you've ever seen. Jeffree Star himself would be proud of the glow this baby produces! I has such a high pigment that can be seen 5 miles away when the sun hits it. I like the shade golden lights because it has a white base and goes best with my skin tone, however they do also have a peach tone for using with blush and a lavender tone if you're feeling more adventurous. I use a fan brush and really lightly brush one stroke over my cheek bone and it instantly pops. I've been using this highlight for a month not and the only sign of wear I can see is that the lid broke off (my fault not the products).The actual highlight has no dent in it at all, and I mean it when I say I wear this highlighter religiously. For a night out I use a big fluffy blending brush to apply more of a pop. I've also have compliments when wearing this over the top of an eye shadow as it really makes any colour really pop. I'd really recommend Revolution as a brand to try out, their prices are so reasonable and I know that this is the best highlight I've ever laid my eyes on in the high street.




And that's your lot folks!

I hope you enjoyed part two of this post. I think I'm going to do another tutorial next to break it up a little but then we'll be straight back to the Top 10 under £10 series, let me know if you'd prefer to see mascaras or eye shadow palettes next...

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