Top 10 under £10- Mascara.

Top 10 under £10- Mascara.

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Number 1: Maybelline Colossal Volume.


I feel like everyone's had this mascara at some point, it's such a staple item but the reason it's been around for sooo long is obviously because it works and people like it! I like how thick the spooly is, meaning you get a good coverage on your lashes. The spooly picks up a lot of product and has quite soft bristles so it doesn't pull on your lashes or poke you in the eye. The mascara stays on quite a while, I rarely have to reapply with most of the mascaras I've worn.  I think there is a waterproof version of this mascara as well but the yellow one is always the one I'd grab for. I love the bright packaging and I know Maybelline is an affordable brand that I can trust to make quality products.




Number 2: Rimmel volume flash.


I love this mascara enough to have re-brought it at least 10 times over the years and love it even more every time. The wand is very slim, nearly as thin as the nyx skinny mascara (Mentioned later on) but has quite thick bristles meaning you can get a really good coverage. The thin wand makes this mascara perfect for doing the lower lash line and is also great to use at a vertical.




Number 3: Sleek full fat.


full fat

This isn't my go to mascara but I put it in because I think it's a really cool wand design and I do enjoy using it occasionally. The only reason I don't use this mascara as much is purely because it doesn't have the best results for my lash type. The ball end is supposed to curve your lashes but this doesn't really work with my uber short lashes. However, I do like how pigmented the colour is and I do find the ball tip useful for doing my lower lash line. The mascara is waterproof and smudge proof which I like. For a very reasonable price you get a product that also lasts quite a while. I'd imagine it'd last even if you did use it daily.




Number 4: L'oreal miss manga.


There are a lot of mixed opinions on this mascara- which honestly is the main reason I brought it. I love this mascara but I do think it depends on what lashes you have to begin with. The majority of complaints about this mascara state that it can make your lashes look quite spidery. However, as I have short and also thin lashes I find that the excess product that this mascara gives off really helps to increase both volume and length, better than a lot of mascaras that are the same price. Because this is quite a thick mascara you need very little and I rarely put more than two coats on. Overall, I was very impressed with this mascara and would recommend it to anyone who wants the best of both worlds when it comes to volume and length.




Number 5: Bourjois 1 second volume.

bourjois masc

This is one of my favourite mascaras to look at. The packaging is lovely and is the perfect size and shape to hold in your hand. I love the softness of the bristles, they glide through your lashes easily.  Also because there are so many bristles the product doesn't clog or clump your lashes together. The bristles are so soft and flexible that the mascara doesn't pull on your lashes but instead coats every part of the lashes evenly in just one coat. You don't need to separately coat the top of your lashes. This mascara is best for volumising and looks great when you have longish lashes already. Also, because of the softness of the bristles this mascara is one of the best to use with false lashes or lash extensions.




Number 6: L'oreal million lashes.


I'm sure everyone's had this mascara at some point, it's such a classic. Despite this being quite an old mascara the fact that it's still in production just shows how much people love it. This wand has the best pick up of product I've found. By that I mean that when you pull that wand out of the tube there is a good amount of product on the spooly to use. The head is very round and fat so you can get a good amount of coverage in just one stroke. There is also a flat tip to it meaning you can turn the wand vertically and use the flat top to do the corners of your eyes or the lower lash line.  This mascara I feel gives one of the best balances between length and volume and although it doesn't specify I've found this mascara to be reasonably waterproof as well. It definitely doesn't transfer throughout the day.




Number 7: Benefit rollerlash mini.


This is one of my favourite mascaras of all time, including higher end mascaras. Of course, the full size of this mascara retails at £19.50 but this mini version is a great way to try out the mascara without having to pay a high price. The shape of the wand means that you can get right in to the corners and to the base of the lashes without jabbing yourself. The spooly is also a nice rubber material so its soft and doesn't pull on the lashes if you're applying a second layer. The consistency of the formula is great, doesn't flick anywhere or transfer throughout the day. The bristles are short enough to add good length to the lashes but evenly spaced out enough to add some volume at the same time. It also has the prettiest packaging so bonus points for that!




Number 8:  Maybelline big eyes.

big eyes

This is a great mascara for a beginner that might be a little intimidated with putting a large brush near your lower lashes. You use the big brush to add volume to the upper lashes and then the thinner, smaller, brush creates length on the lower lash line. The colour of this mascara is one of my favourites because you get a thick black coating in just one layer. You only need multiple layers is you want to build up volume or length but the colour is extremely pigmented. This formula is also good because it isn't too runny and so doesn't flick everywhere or transfer on your lids as the day goes on.




Number 9: Nyx the skinny.


Nyx is a fantastic makeup line for those on a budget. Their quality is right up there along side some of the other brands but their prices wont set you back too much at all. There are a couple of nyx mascaras that are quite good but this is my favourite purely down to how easy it is to use. The thin brush means that doing your lower lash line is sooo easy- you'll never poke yourself in the eye again.  The bristles are very short but nicely spaced out so they add a lot of length to your lashes and a decent amount of volume as well. I would more so suggest this to someone with short but thick lashes as it does add more length.




Number 10:  Coloursport 30 day.



This is  different option for those of you who'd like a more permanent solution. I love this kit and always use it around summer time, particularly when going on holiday. Having your eyelashes tinted means that you don't have to worry about mascara being waterproof so you can go in the pool.It also means that your eyes look bigger and more open without putting any make up on, because lets face it, who can really be bothered to put makeup on during the day on holiday. This wont sweat off or smudge and is a really fail proof way of being 100% sure your mascaras going to stay in place. It doesn't add any real length but I feel when I apply a few layers it does add to the volume of my nlash tintatural lashes. It comes in two parts which you just mix and the apply using the spooly and covers for the skin around the lashes. It's really simply and is a cheaper solution to getting your lashes professionally tinted.



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