Elite Blog Academy, Is It Worth It Beyond the Free Download?

Elite Blog Academy, Is It Worth It Beyond the Free Download?

Aug 24, 2016, 1:21:48 AM Life and Styles

Most of us know all too well how overwhelming it can feel to juggle the day-to-day demands of writing a blog with the big-picture strategy of creating a profitable business, if we even have that big-picture strategy. Some people are great at blogging and do it all of the time while only looking at it as a hobby instead of a business with great potential for income. Have you ever wished someone could guide you through the process of a successful blog and show you step-by- step, exactly how to grow your traffic and generate a sustainable income? That is exactly what Elite Blog Academy was designed to do, and I'm so thankful that it was!

If you aren't familiar with Ruth Soukup you can read some of the questions that she answered on 31 Days Living Well Spending Zero here, she's the creator of EBA and I absolutely love her approach to things.

Last year I decided to take a chance and enroll in the Elite Blog Academy course. They have since made some changes and have Elite Blog Academy 2.0 (which is even better!).  I wasn’t sure I would learn anything new, or if I could even afford it. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit more expensive than what I wanted to pay for an online course; especially after converting it from USD to CAD. YIKES! After humming and hawing for a bit, and perhaps grinding my teeth over whether I wanted to do it or not, I went for it. They only open their doors once a year, but once you're in you are in forever! Plus, if you happen to end up on the waiting list for the next opening you'll receive a wonderful e-book FOR FREE. It's called 7 Surefire Ways to Boost your Income Overnight. So helpful!


I am so glad I did!  In the time since I started Elite Blog Academy, I have improved my writing, published a book, created my 5 Day Money Saving Mini Course, all while maintaining a number of blogs, start-ups, a full time job, and family.

Through a powerful combination of effective videos, practical and insightful handouts, purposeful assignments, and interactive live webinars, Elite Blog Academy will empower, enable, and inspire you to take the specific steps necessary to refine your message, grow your audience, monetize your platform, and transform your blog into a successful and profitable business. No kidding, it is a step by step plan!


Eliminate blog confusion by creating an organized framework that sets the stage for everything you do.

Discover the secret to harnessing Pinterest, the most powerful free marketing tool in the world.

Understand what is not working in your current monetization model and instead develop concrete goals and a solid plan for achieving them.

Dramatically increase your site’s passive income by mastering the four key strategies of optimizing ad network revenue.

Take advantage of the critical—but often ignored—connection between SEO and ad revenue.

Overcome your fear of private advertising and instead learn to approach brands with confidence.

Learn what it really takes to earn a six-figure income from your blog, then develop your own product along with a successful marketing plan to sell it.

Create a solid working business plan to take your blogging business to the next level.

While so much of the information currently available about Internet marketing is written only by those whose audience consists of other bloggers and marketers, Elite Blog Academy is different. It shares proven, field-tested strategies for building a successful, profitable blog, regardless of the niche and no matter the target audience.

It is possible to create a successful business from a blog, and Elite Blog Academy shares exactly how it’s done, step-by-step.






12 Comprehensive Unit Videos
12 Detailed Unit Workbooks with Video Outlines
16 Powerful Handouts
30 Purposeful Assignments
4 Live Webinars
Accountability & Community within a Private Forum

Elite Blog Academy is designed to be self-paced, but should not be completed in less than 12 weeks. Blogging is not for the faint of heart, and this course requires a willingness to buckle down and get to work. That said, for those who are willing to do the work, it also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Anyone who completes the course and has not seen measurable results in both traffic and income growth will get your money back, no questions asked. That’s a pretty incredible promise, but it means that you’ve literally got nothing to lose. I encourage you to check out EBA today, and grab your free e-book while you're at it!

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