Challenge Anyone?

Challenge Anyone?

Jul 19, 2016, 2:50:25 PM Opinion


I know that I have written of love as a challenge before.  I do go with the idea that inspires me as I awake in the morning, and this was it.  I even searched within for a different idea as I waited for my coffee to brew, one that I haven't used before.  However, love is the message that remained.

Yet as I acclimate to the day and start to form the words of this post, I realize that love is a necessary message in these times.  Perhaps love is the only true message of worth amidst times of such fear and doubt.  Love is accepting while standing firm in your own beliefs.  Love is understanding while remaining true to yourself.  Love is patient while establishing healthy boundaries for yourself and with others.  Love is gentle while being assertive.  Love is forgiving while demanding truth.  Love is complete.

Today's challenge asks you to remain open to love.  Allow yourself to feel the full range of love and all of the supportive emotions it includes.  Love is available to us all, and quietly waiting for our return.  We are creatures born of love.  This is evident to me in the eyes of every newborn child.  They are the radiating light of love, innocence and freedom.  We all began our journey with that radiant glow.  We can rekindle that glow with our power to choose love.  The choice is yours.  The challenge is to always choose love.   

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