Fear and Hate: A State of Emergency within our Policing Sysytem

Fear and Hate: A State of Emergency within our Policing Sysytem

Sep 21, 2016, 3:47:16 PM Opinion

Here we are again. Another fatal police shooting of a black man, who by all appearances seemed to be cooperating with the officers.  This is a senseless and unnecessary tragedy that continues to befall our society.  I believe that all lives matter.  I can completely understand the position of the African-American community within our country.  I can fully comprehend why they do not feel safe nor protected by the overall policing system of our United States of America. 

There have been horrific instances of loss of innocent lives at alarming rates during this decade.  We are a country that should be moving forward with our ideals of equality and safety for every citizen under this great nation.  Yet, this does not seem to be the case.  How is one to make sense of these repeated news events?  How is a community of a select group supposed to feel safe when they have numerous examples of their fellow group members being murdered by the hands of those who have taken an oath to protect and serve all of Americans within these United States?

These egregious actions of law enforcement within their civic duty are compounded by our judicial system.  To my knowledge, no officer has ever been convicted on any form of a murder charge due to their actions that took another innocent human being's life.  This is salt to the wound, and certainly starts to create an us against them type of atmosphere.

On the flip side of the equation, I do believe there are genuinely good, hard-working and dedicated officers that strive toward upholding the oaths and civic responsibilities they accepted when becoming sworn officers of the law.  I think there are many officers who fully embody their role of upholding the laws of the United States of America with equality and justice for everyone.  Just as we have seen horrible atrocities within the policing system, we have also seen unimaginable examples of heroism, love and selflessness.  I would imagine that being a police officer is not an easy job.  They are inundated with the negative side of life and society.  They repeatedly put their own lives on the line for the good and the bad within this world.  Yes, it is the job they chose to do.  However, they are human beings too within the uniform.

This article's focus is on searching for a solution.  Awareness is certainly the starting block to change.  Yet, awareness alone does not propel a problem off its present course.  That requires problem-solving and solution thinking.  To me, trust needs to be rebuilt from our legal system TO the people of the United States.  This means it is the responsibility of the officers on the ground, the judges on the bench, and the politicians within our government to earn back our respect by showing us their civically sound  positive choices and actions.  Our country is not a dictatorship, where a select few set the rules, standards, and pass decisions for the masses against the will and doctrine of the people.  We are a country of democracy.  It is time that the voices of the masses be recognized, respected and represented within our legal and political systems.  It is time that the majority truly rule.  However, that is not the only factor that needs adjusting.  Where are the resources, positive outlets and emotional support for our officers?  They are normal people too, with families and children growing up within this world. They have the same financial, social and emotional problems as any one else, yet they are constantly surrounded by negative aspects of life and humanity.  That could erode the spirit and positivity from any human being.  I propose that there be mandatory programs for our civic duty personnel that see repeatedly horrific and negative situations.  I think these programs should incorporate positive community outreach and emotional health and well-being groups or activities.  There needs to be a release of all of that bottled up negativity with a lifeline support to positive experiences.  I believe this should be a part of their job, which means they are paid and required to partake in these positive and cooperative programs.  Of course, the root problem of division reaches further than just this.  There is a great number of areas our society could strive to do better, which would ultimately help this situation on both sides.  The point is that we (as a united group of Americans) move off of this course of division, death and destruction.  No one wants what is happening now.  There is no justification for the events that are taking place.  It is a problem that requires a solution.  So, what will we do?


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