Genesis of Change

Genesis of Change

Jul 27, 2016, 2:20:48 AM Opinion


Society is screaming out for change.  There is so much pain, suffering, fear and dissatisfaction in this world that those sensations have almost become the norm.  Humanity has deepened the trench in losing its way.  New approaches are a must to avoid being swallowed whole by the vast expanse that is quickly growing between losing it all and finding glorious freedom.  Our Earth has suffered tremendously under our current approaches, and we as a species are driving ourselves toward extinction.  The time to ‘do something’ is NOW! 

  True change occurs at the heart, the foundation.  This is true of anything that you wish to change.  A building will not fundamentally change unless you make adjustments and alter the foundation itself.  No less is true of the human experience.  Nothing will fundamentally change until the heart, the core center, of the human individual makes that alteration and ushers in the change.  If this is understood to be the truth, then we need to evaluate our approaches to bringing about fundamental, life-altering change. 


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