In Truth, We Are All Boundless

In Truth, We Are All Boundless


Consider for a moment the things you have been able to overcome or change within your life just by shifting the way you viewed or thought about the situation.  Also consider the common, every day people who have accomplished amazing feats of physicality, or realized astonishing solutions for our world.  We can also look to spiritual/religious teachers who have left us with abstract, high level ideas about our capabilities.  These examples all have one thing in common…these people did not limit themselves to our societal boundaries.  They dared to stretch outside the lines because they knew and trusted there was a truth that lay just outside of mainstream thinking.  In absolute truth, we are free to think the way we choose.  In absolute truth, our thoughts (to one degree or another) shape the way we view our life and the world around us.  In absolute truth, we have placed the boundaries on and within our selves.  Today’s challenge asks you to let go of the boundaries, even if just for a moment.  Consider what you could do, or what your life could become if you knew, with 100% certainty, that you were boundless.  What would you do with that freedom?  What would you seek to accomplish if there really were no limits?  

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