Stand Strong little Songbird

Stand Strong little Songbird

Like a little songbird humming its own gentle tune, this daily challenge encourages you to stand strong in the knowledge within yourself of what is harmonious and best!

Stand Strong

Today’s challenge is an encouragement to stand strong.  You know what is right for you.  You know when you could have chosen better or differently.  The key is to fix that which you know needs fixing and stand strong in that which you know rings right and true for you.  There is always a way to lovingly assert yourself.  This may not mean that the message you say will not cause pain or discomfort to yourself or the recipient, but it does mean that you do so with kindness, compassion, and out of a loving need for healing and growth.  We can not stay tethered to the ties that hold us back or threaten to drown out our progress.  As long as the truth has been clearly said, and an open heart for the other to hear and make forward movement for healing has been given…then you may need to stand strong and proceed with your better good in mind.  We are our best allies, cheerleaders and defenders, for we know what is truly right and harmonious for us.

What situations or people in your life help you grow and be the best that you can be?  What situations or people in your life seem to bring turmoil and self-doubt to being the best that you can be?

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