The Human Powerhouse

The Human Powerhouse

May 27, 2017, 1:53:09 PM Tech and Science

If you have read my previous article, Energy Speaks, you have become familiar with the idea that energy speaks to us through our body.  This makes our body a human powerhouse that energy moves in and out of.  The post below is dedicated to how our amazing Human Powerhouse actually works…so here we go!

If we continue along the idea that energy speaks to us through our body, then it wouldn’t be too far off to say that our body is a human powerhouse for energy.  I have mentioned before that our world is alive with and because of energy. I will post about this in more detail  on my website at a later time, but for lengths sake of this article, let’s just go with this line of thinking.

Energy moves through our world, and the entire Universe, along invisible waves. These waves carry vibrations of the energy along with them.

The image below is an example of what these waves look like and how they can move.


Our body has built in tools, like our cells, that can read the messages of the energy within the wave’s vibration. Our body gets extra information from the energy wave by the wave’s frequency, or how many times this vibration is coming at you.

The frequency is sort of like the intensity of the energy.

Our cells then signal the different systems within our body (like our nervous system, respiratory system, etc.) with instructions of how we as a being should respond from the information the energy has given to us.  In turn, our body sends out signals to the environment and those around us to let them know how our body feels about the energies messages.

Think of this as an energetic conversation and interaction that happens between you and the world around you.  Also know that these conversations and interactions are occurring with the same liveliness and give and take as what you experience when you engage with the world.

energy exchange love

Above is an image of what an energetic exchange might look like between two people who are interacting with one another.

This may seem crazy and far out there to some, but many scientific experiments are showing evidence of some sort of informational exchange happening before a person is aware that anything is about to happen. One commonly done science experiment testing this type of thinking hooks participants to medical machines that test how their heart, breathing, and sweat glands are reacting. They then show the participant random clips of neutral pictures mixed in with emotionally charged pictures. The participants have no way of knowing what type of picture is about to be shown to them at any given time during the experiment.   The scientists are testing for any Predictive Anticipatory Activity, or PAA.  If found, this would mean the body predicted future events with an accurate physical response more often than mere chance would allow for.  So, a neutral picture wouldn’t really make the body do anything physically.  Yet, an emotionally charged image would make the body physically respond with an increased heart rate, sweating, or some other form of physical reaction if this thinking is true.  The results from numerous experiments of this sort have repeatedly found that PAA does exist, meaning the person had a physical response to emotionally charged images and no response to neutral clips.  The participants showed this accurate physical response 1-10 seconds before they were consciously aware of the clip they were about to see.

In other words, people knew what was coming to them 1-10 seconds before it actually came to be…or at least their body did!

How amazing is that!

The science of physics offers some incredible evidence of what may be happening at the atomic and subatomic levels between our body and the energy around us.  I CAN NOT WAIT to share all of this knowledge with you.  Stop by my website at to click the Follow button and Sign Up to join the JS Spirit Community for more posts and information about this fascinating journey into the science of energy.

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