The Power Within

The Power Within

Jun 6, 2017, 12:24:27 AM Tech and Science

The human cell is a remarkable creation. 

This article is focused on giving you a brief understanding of our amazing cells, and the relationship our cells have with energy.

At this very moment, there are an estimated 50 trillion human cells living, feeling, thinking, and working together within your body.  Their goal is fairly simple…do the tasks they are assigned to do, and above all else, work to keep your systems, body, and mood balanced at all times.  As you may realize, the goal may be simple, but their task is monumental!  In microscopic scientific experiments, our cells have shown intent and purpose in their movement and reactions to their environment.  The eukaryotic cell, which is what we have as humans, will actually move towards an environment or environmental factors that support its survival while also showing intentional movement away from harmful environments or toxic environmental factors. 

The awesomeness of our cells goes even further!

Cells are intelligent little atomic beings with their own ‘mini organs’ that act in ways that are similar to our larger, human organs within our body. Inside each cell, there is a mini nervous, digestive, respiratory, excretory (getting rid of waste), endocrine (hormone), muscular, skeletal, circulatory, and reproductive system.  If that wasn’t enough, our cells even have an integument (skin) system, a primal immune system, and the ability to pass memories from learned experiences down to their offspring.  They have the make-up of mini human beings!  These cells function very similar to the ways we do. 

They feel, and react to their feelings within their own cellular system by releasing hormones.  They can also change or shift themselves in response to outside influences. 

They think and plan their best move toward task completion. 

They act with purpose and intention. 

They communicate with each other about what is going on within their individual cellular system, what is happening within their specialized cell group areas, and about the overall health and balance of the human body as a whole. 

As amazing a thing as these cells are, none of this would be possible without the invisible force of energy. Within each cell, there are polar energetic games going on…one of opposites attract.  This is because the molecules that make up a cell are made of atoms. Although our cells have a physical structure, the atoms DO NOT! 

Atoms are quite literally invisible bundles of energy! 

Within each atom, there is a nucleus in the center. Inside this nucleus are positively charged protons and  neutral neutrons. Moving around the outside of the nucleus are negatively charged electrons.  See the image below. 


More will be discussed in future postings about how the dynamics of ‘opposites attract’ and the general make up of an atom impact energy.

As was discussed in the two previous blog postings, Energy Speaks and The Human Powerhouse, energy has a language of its own and it speaks to us through the cells within our body. This is done at the level of the atom. Each individual atom gives off its own distinct energy signature, kind-of like how each human voice has its own distinct sound. Furthermore, a group of atoms will also have a unique energy pattern to them. If you switch out any of the atoms within the group, the energy pattern of the group would change as well.

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