Ultimate Challenge!

Ultimate Challenge!

Jul 28, 2016, 4:30:26 PM Opinion

There is a calm and quiet center within each of us.  It can be difficult to find, especially within a world full of noise, stimulation and propaganda.  However, there remains a calm and quiet center within. 

Today’s challenge is about connecting to your center within.  You will know you have found this place when your mind stops racing, your breathing becomes more rhythmic, and your thoughts are less scattered.  When you are attuned to your own quiet center, fear just seems to fade away.  Confident assurance in what is right and best for you, and your family, fills the air.

2016 has been a challenging year, and there is more of it to come.  Nationally, we have seen hateful and senseless acts of violence.  Time seems to be moving at warp speed, and division is at the forefront within many nations.  To keep the balance against all of this destruction and upheaval, it is imperative that we reach for and connect with our own unique center within.  Our world may be at a tipping point, and the balance must be struck.  We need to make choices based on what we know to be best and fitting for our self, not on what we are told or fed through the media.  The stakes are way too high for not involving yourself with the facts and truths on important issues. 

Once you have gathered the information on any issue you are digesting, take it to your center within. Let it sit there, peacefully and non-aggressively, until you feel pulled toward a specific course of action.  Again, this is not a time in our history to press forward on knee-jerk reactions.  It is time to slow down, be deliberate, and take the issues within before sending the ripple of our choices out into the world.       


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