Voters, Look Beyond the Issues!

Voters, Look Beyond the Issues!

Sep 28, 2016, 1:49:25 PM News


Today’s challenge is simple…become informed by watching the presidential debates and doing fact checking research on each candidate, then VOTE on November 8th for the Presidential Candidate that you feel will bring the most beneficial and positive change to our country and the world.  There has never been an election (in my lifetime anyways) that has been so polarizing on the foundational ideals of how to get things done.  Yes, there have always been differences between the party lines, but this election goes beyond issue differences.  These presidential candidates are completely opposite when it comes to their mentality and approach on how to face every national and international relationship and issue.  To me, this is an election year that requires the voter to go beyond the issues.  These candidates require the American people to really evaluate the way in which we wish to see change accomplished.  I am guessing that almost every American would agree that our country requires some drastic change and reform.  However, the path you take to bring about that change and reform creates the very building blocks for that change and reform.  All of the actions and choices taken by our next President will determine the emotions behind and ultimate conclusion of the change.  Please, take this civic duty seriously and vote responsibly this year.  The direction of our country and the impact to the world is dependent upon it.

Dates of the last 2 Presidential Debates…

Sunday, October 9th

Wednesday, October 19th

If you need to register to vote, contact the Supervisor of Elections office in your area, or do an internet search for specific instructions for your location area.   

Are you registered to vote?

Please note, the deadline for becoming registered so that you are able to vote in this Presidential Election differs between states.  However, some deadline dates are as early as October 1st…which is only 3 days away.  Please make sure you are registered to vote in enough time to make your voice count in this 2016 Presidential Election, taking place on November 8th. 

All voices matter…this is when the people of America can be heard!  

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