Miguel Martinez Shares His Natural Multicultural Line of Grooming Products, Called “That’s Smoooth”

Miguel Martinez Shares His Natural Multicultural Line of Grooming Products, Called “That’s Smoooth”

Oct 10, 2018, 6:22:34 PM Life and Styles

A smooth shaven man is definitely a very attractive feature and there are so many products on the market, how does one decide what to use? Miguel A. Martinez, a native New Yorker from Harlem of both Cuban and Puerto Rican descent may have just found the answer. He has formulated the ultimate multicultural line of grooming products: That’s Smoooth.

Mr. Martinez’s entrepreneurial drive began as a youth, where he developed the ability to self employ himself by the age of nine. As a result of his sense of style and grooming, instilled strongly in him by his mother and his background as a financial sales and business development professional; he found himself frustrated by the market’s absence of skin healthy shaving products and accessories that worked for people with wavy to curly hair/ or of multi-cultural descent. He took matters into his own hands, and created the That’s Smoooth line of natural and organic based products, and shaving system so that this demographic can shave, every day without fear of razor bumps, irritation, and harmful ingredients.

That’s Smoooth is a Complete Shaving System.  It includes which, includes a specially engineered Single Blade Razor and Super-Soft Cruelty Free Shave Brush; which prevents irritation and razor bumps by properly positioning the hair, and allowing a barrier between your skin and the blade.


That’s Smoooth goes beyond products that focus solely on the utility of shaving. They developed unique, revolutionary, all natural, anti-aging formulas which actually improves the condition and appearance of your skin while preventing irritation and razor bumps. Their number one selling Beard Oil is the perfect combination of oils and conditioners which makes wavy and curly beard hair pliable while nourishing and moisturizing underlying skin. Adding sheen and luster for a well groomed appearance - all day long.


How/Why I Founded That’s Smoooth (An Open Letter To My Multicultural Brethren & To Companies That Don’t Serve People Like Me)


For decades, Miguel, a Latino, Multicultural man with wavy and curly hair, had to endure shaving products that were not made for my hair texture or skin type. In addition, Multi-blade cartridge razors failed to provide me with a proper shave. Instead, damaging and irritating my skin. They over-cut my hair – causing razor bumps as well. I would even have to resort to growing a beard periodically, and refrain from shaving on weekends just to get a break from these issues. I felt stuck: between cheaply made beauty supply/ drug store brands, and prestige/luxury brands - created principally for people who don’t look like me. So I decided to create my solution. My skin was so noticeably improved that friends and family all wanted me to make it for them. Further research showed that brown and black men account for 30% of grooming industry revenues/ or $10 Billion respectively. I felt used: I was forking over dollars to companies that didn’t care enough about me or men like me to create products with us in mind. So I created the That’s Smoooth Shaving System and Beard Oil. If you’ve felt like I have, then give us a shot. After all, we’re made specifically for you.

That’s Smoooth is available in Whole Foods in NYC and will be coming to Macy’s department stores Winter 2018.

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Thank you Judith Davis and mytrendingstories for your feature. I’m truly honored 🙏🏾

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